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Burrito Salad - 15pp
2012-05-28 12:23
Layer the following:Rice - 6ppSalsa - 0pp50g Avo - 3pp1/2 pack Mexican Fajita Chiken (100g) - 3pp 1/2 tin Red Beans - 3pp Coriander - 0ppLemon - 0ppSeperately pack lettuce - 0ppI prepared th… Read More
Steak & Chips (9pp)
2012-05-18 09:42
Serves 2 You will need:Extra Lean Beef Escalopes 300g - 8pp125 ml Nando's Peri-Peri Sauce - 2pp250 g Potato - 5ppMixed Salad - 0pp2 x tbsp Pizza Express Light Dressing - 3pp18 in total divid… Read More
Chorizo & Prawn Spaghetti (9pp)
2012-05-10 15:16
Serves 2You will need:225g Prawns - 4pp70g Chorizo - 6pp1/2 Bottle Passata - 0pp300g Cooked Pasta - 9ppin total divided by 2 = 9ppfry the chorizo add the prawns add the passatamake… Read More
Chicken Parmigiana (14pp)
2012-04-29 16:06
You will need:2 x Garlic Chicken Kievs (Sainsbury's Be Good) - 15pp1/2 Bottle Passata - 0pp1 x tsp Garlic - 0pp1 x tsp Oregano - 0pp 40g Parmesan - 4pp300g Cooked Spaghetti - 9pp28pp in… Read More
Venison Sausages & Swede Mash (11pp)
2012-04-28 13:32
Serves 2You will need:1 x Swede cubed (0pp)200g Potato cubed (4pp) 1 x Philadelphia Light Mini Tub (1pp)1 Onion sliced (0pp)3 x tsp Bisto Onion Gravy (2pp)6 x Venison Sausages (14pp)21p… Read More
Creamy Pork Gnocchi (14pp)
2012-03-11 23:17
You will need:1 x Onion (0pp)Garlic (0pp) 250g Gnocchi (10pp)200g Weight Watchers Cream (8pp)280g Pork Fillet (10pp)1/2 tsp Sage (0pp)Fresh Basil (0pp)29 divided by 2 = 14pp per portion… Read More
Mushroom & Vermouth Risotto (9pp)
2012-03-10 18:52
Serves 4 You will need: 300g Risotto Rice (28pp)1 Onion (0pp)Garlic (0pp)1 Punnet Mushrooms (0pp)1 Chicken Stock Pot (1pp) - made with 500ml boiling water100ml Dry Vermouth (4pp)40… Read More

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