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2013-06-02 19:24
We passed a street called "McWirt Loop" and thought it was the funniest thing we'd ever seen. "Paul PULL THE CAR OVER WE NEED A POORLY LIT PHOTO OF THIS ROAD SIGN THAT ISN'T FUNNY BUT WE'RE… Read More
2013-02-20 22:36
Greece? Amazing. Like finding a $20 bill inside the leopard you just killed with your bare hands. How do you surpass something that awesome? You delve deeper into the bowels of Europe, m… Read More
2012-04-12 16:37
We're done. No one died. Fist pump.The structure is a reflection of my carpentry skill and eye for detail. Read: it looks like a blind beaver with a learning disability tried to build a… Read More
2012-04-10 14:30
I'm starting to worry about the kids finishing our playground project too early. I'm concerned that with unstructured time on their hands, they'll slip into unsavory habits like smoking dru… Read More
2012-04-09 16:36
First day on the job site. From the playground, we can walk over to town to get coffee or walk to the beach to flex and pretend to be on Baywatch. I like to be Mitch. Unfortunately the we… Read More
2012-04-08 19:10
Kids are in camp. Suddenly it's a Young Life assignment and I'm sleep deprived and deliriously happy to do the smallest menial task to make the experience better for them. "Ben, go move th… Read More
2012-04-06 19:48
At the crack of 4AM, I woke up like I missed the bus. I immediately turned to Chandler, assuming we'd overslept something really important. "Holy crap, homeroom is starting and the Hulk st… Read More

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