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Living Room…
2010-09-09 00:47
College life… How amazing is that?? The freedom, the friends, the parties, your own place… I’m having such a blast this semester! I mean, my roommates are the bests (we a… Read More
2010-07-12 00:14
WARNING: POSTS TO GIRLS. Good news: I don’t have to think about positive things today! No, things are still the same, but I’m just 20 days away to go back home, and I couldn&rsqu&hell…Read More
2010-06-21 20:16
Every time I start writing, my biggest hidden feelings jump in (without being called) and my fingers start typing by themselves, and sometimes I can’t find good things to talk about… Read More
2010-06-07 20:46
Today has been a week since I left Santa Barbara, and I miss it so much that it seems WAAAY more. However I’m enjoying my home city and all the components of it. The weather feels nice… Read More
2010-05-29 06:26
In less than 4 days I will step in São Paulo once again, and I must say: I’m VERY excited! Excited to compare, to explore, to have fun, to kiss my family, to hug my friends, to… Read More
1 Month Anniversary…
2010-05-23 20:15
Friday was my first vegan month birthday, and for me this concept is so natural that I even forgot about the date! But I cannot forget to congratulate myself for this accomplishment, and to… Read More
Meet Your Meat…
2010-05-08 08:32
“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.”  – Paul McCartney I must say: since I became a Vegan I can’t stop searching for inform… Read More
2010-05-06 03:30
One of my “must attend” events in the my future glamours life (cof-cof) is the Met Ball. I have no idea what goes on inside, but what I do know is that I’m dying to have a… Read More
2010-04-27 03:25
I’m a huge believer of carma (like my friend Tatiana lol), and for me everything you put into the world, you will receive it back, three times bigger. I proved this theory more than on… Read More
Lunch Time…
2010-04-26 20:26
My first veggie burger! It was really good actually People completely overrate the Vegan lifestyle!! (I had a hard time doing the smiley face, as you can see). Tonight I will post somethin… Read More

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