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Pre-Halloween Fun!
2013-12-05 05:51
First post of catch up!  One Sunday in October, we went to church and then had plans to go over to Eric’s moms for a pumpkin/Halloween themed afternoon.I bought these precious bis… Read More
Holy Cuteness
2013-12-04 14:47
So, I totally have a ton to catch up on! Be prepared to be totally bombarded with photos way back to Halloween. In the meantime, I had to share the most precious picture I have ever seen!… Read More
Gracie Goes Golfing
2013-11-19 19:21
A few weeks I got a Minnie Mouse golf club set that I bought way long ago out of the closet.  I had completely forgotten about it, but Gracie was bored when I remembered it so we went o… Read More
5 On Friday
2013-10-11 13:24
1.  Y'all... I'm crazy! I stopped doing DBB because it was too chaotic and that was great for a while.... then I got antsy to start something again.  Therefore... meet The Southern… Read More
Adeline 8 Months
2013-10-09 15:46
My sweet little precious Addie Belle, I cannot even believe I’m writing your EIGHT month post!  You are such a joy to us!  I can't explain the amount of love you have brought… Read More
5 On Friday
2013-10-04 13:28
Linking here1. house plans:  Our house is still for sale.  5 months later.  Since it's in a rural area in a small town this is not uncommon.  I am actually surprised by o… Read More
Weekend Recap–late
2013-10-02 12:57
I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted!  Shame on me!  I really want to keep this up just to remember the every day life for my little family at this stage in our… Read More
Adeline: 7 Months
2013-09-06 00:18
My sweet Addie girl,You turned 7 months old on the 28th of August! I cannot believe I have a 7 month old, the thought of that just really blows my mind!  I feel like you should still be… Read More

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