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Wisteria Cottage - For Sale...
2016-09-22 13:38
So, I've finally taken the plunge and put the La Tache House on an Internet site.I've chosen because they seem to be well-known and I've heard of people who have actually mad… Read More
Hanging Around...
2016-09-15 13:29
The bunting is (I DID promise you some pictures)and so am I, as my car has been off the road for three weeks now!I have been stuck in the house with no transport for what seems like forever… Read More
I Heart Bunting
2016-09-04 11:36
Golly - almost 2 months have gone by since I last blogged here!  I have posted on my other blog, Chez Penny, in between, as I have done a lot of renovation work there. Which is why I ha… Read More
Annie Sloan Workshop
2016-07-09 15:34
Well, today dawned cold and misty but the sun soon burned off that mist and it turned into a real scorcher! Fortunately, I was indoors most of the time, doing a workshop with Jay at Mon Chic… Read More
Crazy Weather
2016-06-24 05:52
All Spring the weather has been cold.  Cold and rainy.  Then, on Wednesday the sun came out and suddenly we were in the 30s!  I was able to cut the grass......even on the terr… Read More
It's A Machine World
2016-06-08 12:32
Yesterday Janet and I went on a morning course not too far from here.  It was a birthday present to her, from me, as she has a big birthday (shhhhhhhhh - she'll be sixty) next week, and… Read More
It Might Well Rain Until September...
2016-06-02 19:47
In my last post it was a lovely day here.  But since then, there hasn't been much lovely weather.  Unless you like rain, of course, or you live in Scotland or Seattle&nbs&hell…Read More
Such A Lovely Day
2016-05-10 19:26
It seems like we have been waiting a long time for some good weather, and for the icy wind to stop.  Today we got our wish and it was a lovely day.In my garden purple seems to be a popu… Read More
La Tache, May 2016
2016-05-03 16:23
I was over at La Tache today.  It really looks its best in May when the Wisteria is out...This picture is two photos 'stitched' together, so it looks almost semi-circular, but it's real… Read More
A Cardigan For ME!
2016-04-26 09:04
Well, hopefully...It is a long time since I made an article of knitted clothing for myself, other than socks.  I can't even remember the last time.But I have been turning out my stash a… Read More

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