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2016-09-08 22:20
For those of you that follow this blog, I just want you to know that I’ll no longer be posting here. I’ve got a new project on the go at: I… Read More
2014-04-30 01:56
Tonight, Story451 celebrated the conclusion of our five-week creative writing workshop with the kids from Kerry’s Place Autism Services. We said goodbye the same way we said hello: wit… Read More
2014-04-02 00:54
Creative Writing Workshop with Kerry’s Place Autism Services. We’ve landed and hit the floor running. This afternoon’s workshop was a whirlwind of ideas, readings, blasts (… Read More
2014-03-26 00:02
We had a great first shift with our creative writing group from Kerry’s Place Autism Services. My partner, Harry Posner, and I had the privilege of meeting five very talented young gir… Read More
2014-03-03 02:26
Ask      the girl crying in the washroom. Ask      the custodian with a twisted back. Ask      the boy with a fresh bruise. Ask &n&hell…Read More
2013-09-04 00:39
     “…7, 8, 9, 10”. She wanted to shout “Ready or not hear I come!” but she wasn’t quite ready to announce her presence. Instead, sh… Read More
2013-08-15 18:27
Today I walked into my local bookstore and purchased two books; today I walked out of my local bookstore $12 poorer because I did not purchase those same two books online. I have decided to… Read More
2013-08-10 00:32
If she had been 17 years old, I’d say she walked with a strut, a little bit of swag, like the prettiest girl in school walking down the hallway. But she wasn’t 17; she was closer… Read More

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Freshly Squeezed – Thoughts, Reflections, Inisghts, Zero pulp.


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