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2012-09-11 14:11
I am so excited to tell everyone about this project. I have been working with Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre to create an Art and Design Market to showcase the fabulous local d… Read More
2012-06-14 11:33
I had some time to add a few new things I have been saving up to the Vintage Shop today. See anything that you like? In other news, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Sew retreat day has… Read More
2012-05-15 06:27
A lovely lady by the name of Margaret called me a week or two ago as someone let her know I might be able to make something custom for her. Where else would you go to if you needed a card f… Read More
2012-04-29 05:12
Miss 8 has a party to go to, so this afternoon we made a card together. Like? A great way to use up strips of scraps. I also have some news in the next few days about a really lovely event… Read More
2012-03-26 09:53
I think my picture might er on the blurry side. I took it late in the afternoon, with too many shadows coming through the window. Perhaps we can look past that. Here is a small snap shot of… Read More
2012-02-26 04:45
Helvetica - the garland I am back in school. It is going really well. I will be honest and say it has taken a while for all of us to settle into a different routine. I will be honest and say… Read More
2011-12-20 07:02
Hello!  It has been a while between posts!  And it is only a few days until the jolly man in the red suit visits us again.  Are you on the nice list?  You must be becaus… Read More
2011-11-24 21:23
Today is a big day.  It is Mr Viking’s Birthday!  Hooray!  It is Christmas Shopping Night at school – the little event I have been planning for about 3 months now… Read More
2011-11-17 03:31
Just thought I would let you know the pink heart garland was featured as part of styling page created by Jennifer Bell of the fabulous I Do it Yourself blog for Modern Wedding DIY magazine… Read More

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