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Global Warming Boosts Sex Trade

Al Gore and company, meeting at the World Business Summit in Denmark to hammer out strategy for corporations to live up to their climate obligations may not have solved the world economic crisis, but they did give a boost to the local economy in Copenhagen.
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Al Gore's Preaches from a Global Pulpit

Al Gore is preaching again, pushing the need for government regulation to stop the runaway global warming. But ahead of the world leaders meeting, he's meeting with the leaders of business, trying to get a jump on the coming changes. There's a couple of things wrong with his campaign, not the least of which is the utter lack of any global warming in the last several years. Today they are calling it "climate change" to avoid those who will point out that obvious fact, but the failure of their predictions to come true still hasn't changed their propaganda.
While he preaches carbon and energy austerity, like the televangelist who is bilking his flock, Gore's house uses 20 times the energy annually of the average American. He jets around the world and travels in limos collecting his huge speaking fees while his company that sells carbon offsets makes him richer every time he gains a convert.Gore hopes to get business executives of large corporations to push for a global agreement on environmental issues.
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Our Deteriorating Media - Newspeak

As more people become wary of the claims of the global warming alarmists, the term "global warming" itself is being phased out. We have already seen this in the quiet change to the more popular "climate change", used universally without reference to the fact that the change is for the cooler, not the warmer. But now, a marketing firm that specializes in environmental concerns, ecoAmerica, is urging that journalists and proponents adopt a new baffle phrase, "our deteriorating atmosphere".
EcoAmerica has been conducting research for the last several years to find new ways to frame environmental issues and so build public support for climate change legislation and other initiatives. A summary of the group’s latest findings and recommendations was accidentally sent by e-mail to a number of news organizations by someone who sat in this week on a briefing intended for government officials and environmental leaders.
Read the entire article at the New York Times: Seeking to Save the Planet, With a ThesaurusAs the environmental groups wage their peculiar war on modern society, they find that the focus of the American people soon shifts from what they perceive as questionable science and media hype to the real problems that they face daily.The war is won with words, as the scare tactics begin to alienate people, they will lure them back with soft, kind words that promise a bright future. They are still the same policies that they screamed at us yesterday. Those policies will still have the same devastating effects. The climate change, warmer or cooler, is still beyond our control. But with a little doublespeak and help from the media, they still believe they can control us.
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41% of Americans Believe Global Warming Risks Exaggerated

Poor Al Gore. He stumps and preaches and spreads the word, but fewer and fewer Americans are coming up for the global warming altar call. In fact, a full 41% of Americans now believe that the media representations of the dangers of global warming are exaggerated.
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Yo Yo Global Warming/Cooling

Have you noticed that scientists who do not believe that global warming is man-made, all say pretty much the same thing? Sun activity, natural cycles and a coming cooling trend are the major themes, although each may vary a bit in their predictions.
On the other hand, global warming alarmists all tell a different story, and their stories and predictions keep changing. At first they said the below-normal cold temperatures and above-normal snowfalls that have plagued North America and Europe were directly caused by global warming. Then they decided that perhaps there was a La Nina event causing this cooling. Then they decided that global warming was going to return in 2009. Since it continued to get colder, they changed all that to global warming making a comeback after a decade of cold.Despite the fact that a group of Japanese scientists have reversed their opinions and decided that global warming is not caused by man, the fear-mongers and power-mad global warming alarmists continue to warn us of the impending doom. The only problem is, they disagree on when that doom is going to be. For instance, in this article in Discovery News we are told that some scientists, such as Kyle Swenson, are completely baffled by this cooling trend happening smack-dab in the middle of runaway global warming.Thirty years of cooling is considered to be a sign of global warming? How gullible do they think we are?Pretty gullible, I would say, if you then read this article published only a day or two after the Discovery article.The article is entitled "Only 50-50 Chance of Saving Planet From Warming Catastrophe, Scientists Say". Well, I have news for them. In the long term, the chances for saving the planet are exactly nil. Our sun has already lived a large part of its limited existence. The long term being in the area of a few billion years or so, but the point is the same. Some things are going to happen naturally. The temperatures will go up, they will go down, weather will go in cycles, just as the earth's climate has changed and is changing throughout its 5 billion year history. At some point, when our sun collapses into a white dwarf and the Earth is a victim of its expansion and increasing heat, then the notion that we could save the planet by changing out our light bulbs will be seen for the ludicrous self-importance that modern man tends to display. Or it would, if any humans still existed.
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The Gore Effect Hits Washington - Again

This happens so often, it's becoming a tradition. Call together a bunch of people to descend on Washington to discuss, lecture on, protest or otherwise promote the theory of man-made global warming and you can bet they will be snowed out.
This last protest, aimed at shutting down Washington by demanding the closing of the Capitol Power Plant, which heats a number of government buildings, was particularly ironic. Many who had planned to join the protest couldn't get there because their flights were canceled due to the storm. Washington was pretty much shut down anyway - not due to the protest, but due to a March 1st blizzard that blanketed the entire east coast with snow and ice.Even Nancy Pelosi couldn't make it due to a cancelled flight. Imagine, the Speaker of the House missing a chance to demand that government buildings be closed...This latest debacle in the "climate change" agenda (remember, it's not global warming anymore, since the Earth hasn't warmed since 2001) is just another example of the famed . The Gore Effect can be defined as:Maybe it's not just irony, perhaps it's something more. Perhaps it's just Mother Nature having her best laugh at the people who claim to control her. I know I giggled.
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The Fix is in - Adjusting the Records to Fit the Theory

What do Chantal, Erin, Gabrielle, Ingrid, and Melissa all have in common with Jerry? No this isn't a dating compatibility test. All these names belong to storms that some say didn't deserve names, that is, they weren't really tropical storms.
Why is this important? Because the number of tropical storms that are named is part of the historical record. In order to show that there is increased storm activity due to global warming, you must have more storms. In the past, none of the storms mentioned above would have been given a name. Chantal formed outside of the tropics and wouldn't even have been classified as a tropical storm.There has already been an effort underway to prove that there weren't more storms that we didn't record due to the lack of technology, now there is the current effort to make sure we record more storms than ever. This will allow the global warming alarmists to quote the false statistics as proof that global warming is increasing the number of tropical storms and hurricanes.But we can see where this is going. To argue that we didn't miss storms before the advent of satellite technology so that the historical numbers are not underestimated, and then to argue that the use of said technology is exactly what is allowing us to name more storms than ever before is the kind of logic-bending and science-skewing that goes on all the time in the name of global warming proof.
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PETA Proposes Sin Tax on Meat

We all knew this was going to happen, didn't we? PETA has sent a letter to all the Republican and Democratic candidates that explains how we can solve the global warming problem. They contend that eating meat is much more harmful to the environment than all the planes, ships and SUVs in the world combined and therefore propose that a tax on meat-eating must be levied.
Here's how they explain it:
On behalf of PETA and our more than 1.8 million members and supporters, I'm writing to inform you of a proposal that would help stop global warming, reduce Americans' health-care costs, and bring much-needed revenue to the federal government: a 10-cent-per-pound excise (or "sin") tax on every pound of chicken, turkey, pig, fish, and cow flesh sold in grocery stores and restaurants.
That's right, a sin tax. Now, most states have no sales tax on food and a handful that do have taxes give some sort of credit or deduction for low-income families. Only seven states that tax food don't have any form of credit for low-income households. When Tennessee began to explore eliminating the sales tax on food earlier this year, one legislator recommended they replace it with a tax on pornography. They tax food but not pornography? PETA states in its letter that meat consumption is the cause of global warming. They also contend that meat-eating is the cause of major illness and disease and therefore, we would be doing the American citizens a public service by discouraging them from indulging.Frankly, I am a little sick and tired of the government regulating and taxing things for my own good. I am even more sick and tired of PETA. I wish they would stick to protesting Santa hats on Beluga whales in Japan and leave my hamburger alone.
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Kangaroo Farts Good for the Environment

Although diary farmers and steak lovers alike have taken a hit from the global warming crowd over the greenhouse effect of bovine flatulence, scientists are waxing enthusiastic over kangaroo digestive emissions. According to them, kangaroos have a special bacteria in their digestive system that keeps their farts devoid of methane, making them more environmentally friendly.
Scientists in Queensland say they can isolate this bacteria so that it can be introduced into feed for sheep and cattle so that their digestive systems will get a tune-up, utilize the food they eat 10 to 15 % more efficiently and not produce the flatulence that contributes to global warming.There was no indication that scientists worry that the bacteria in kangaroo digestive systems would cause any trouble for the cows and sheep who have never before encountered this bacteria. It might be worth investigating before there is a plague of "jumping cow disease" or something similar.Since kangaroos are in plenitful supply, some scientists recommend that people just eat more kangaroo and forget about lamb and beef entirely.
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WWF warns of Penguin Decline

The big news of the week has been the report of the WWF to the UN conference in Bali on dwindling penguin populations. There has been widespread coverage of this doomsday prediction stating that "the effects of climate change and overfishing" have caused the penguin population in Antarctica to seriously decline. You just know that if they could put the word "overfishing" in tiny little letters that they would. But more importantly, what climate change? The only climate change in Antarctica is that it is getting colder.A lot is made of one habitat, the Western Peninsula. What isn't mentioned is that it is the only place in Antarctica that has experienced any warming or melting of sea ice. The truth of the matter is that Antarctic temperatures have been getting colder for at least the last 20 years and Antarctic ice is increasing.Antarctica is huge, the fifth largest of the seven continents. The western peninsula is a very small bit of the whole continent, most of which has seen increased ice and falling temperatures which is inconsistent with the computer models of what should be happening if global warming were actually taking place at five times the rate of the rest of the world as is claimed by the global warming scaremongers.
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Divorce Causes Global Warming

The cry of the global warming alarmists has always been that it is our selfish, excessively consuming ways that are destroying the planet. Now, along with our gas-guzzling vehicles, our failure to recycle toilet paper and our addiction to plastic, our society is harming the environment by having too many divorces. That's right, divorce causes global warming.
This story in The Times singles out the statistics on the US, one of twelve countries studied. The researchers from Michigan State University found that divorced households used 73 billion more kilowatt hours of electricity in 2005 - electricity that could have been saved if the marriage had been saved.A divorce means two households instead of one and double the housing needs and energy usage. But it isn't just divorced people who are lussing up more natural resources. The study says that those who selfishly remain single in one-person households are the biggest consumers of energy, land and household goods. Singles consume 38% more products (they have more disposable income to buy them), 42% more packaging (all those frozen TV dinners), 55% more electricity (for the microwave, presumably) and 61% more gas (they can afford it) per capita.So, in addition to increased taxes on fuel and energy, maybe the government should consider a divorce tax or a stiffer tax penalty for being single. Perhaps they should re-consider the law banning polygamy - after all, the more people in a household the better and monogamy means only one household per every two adults. Polygamy could incorporate many families into one household, thus conserving precious resources.There were no statistics on how much energy was used in the completion of this study nor on the environmental effect of the hot air created as a result.
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Polar Bear Propaganda

Yes, that's right. It's this photograph again. I have already written about the origins of this picture on this blog and exposed it for the benign nature photo that it is. Taken in summer, during a period of unusually heavy ice for the season, according to the dispatches of the crew of the ship from which it was taken. But this clip from ABC News in Australia demonstrates just how many media outlets (and Al Gore) have used this photo for global warming propaganda purposes, despite the fact that it does not depict the catastrophic scenario they describe. Most of what people know about global warming comes from the media - do they know that the media lie?
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2008 Will Be Cooler

Just reading the news about global warming can give you a headache. Take this story which blazes a headline
2008 to be in top 10 warmest years say forecasters
. You then reasonably expect that the article will tell us how things will be warming up in 2008, but does it? No. The article then goes on to tell us that 2008 will be actually be cooler than the last seven years. This is a clear sign of global warming. Confused? Good, you're supposed to be.
The article stresses that it was very warm in the last decade but doesn't mention that there has been no increase in global temperature for the last seven years. They cite La Nina as a reason that 2008 will be cooler but don't worry, this doesn't mean that global warming got off track - it's going to get hotter, just wait for it.The truth is that the average decline of temperatures over the last seven years and extending now into the forecasted temperatures for 2008 actually supports the beliefs of many climatologists that the warming period has peaked and "global warming" is pretty much over.
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Global Warming Not Cause of Ice Shelf Collapse

In 2002, the Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica collapsed, and global warming alarmists have used it heavily in global warming propaganda. Alarming the alarmists however, are the claims of some scientists that global warming had nothing to do with it.
The collapse of the Larsen B ice shelf had been predicted for decades. Scientists studying fissures, cracks and crevasses indicated that the ice shelf was in danger of collapse, and not from warmer temperatures.
As usual, warmer ocean temperatures are being cited as "contributing", simply because they are obliged to say so. But the warmer ocean temperatures as seen by the NOAA's AVHRR thermal infrared channel, are most likely the difference between what was formerly ice and now is ocean water.Antarctica near the pole is actually colder and Antarctic temperatures have been steadily dropping for the last 50 years.
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Millions of People Live Despite Global Warming

No, you're not likely to see that headline. The press thrives on disaster, so you will never hear that any changes, if happening, are slow to manifest and that the ultimate extinction of man is not nigh.
Over 400 scientists, many of whom are former or current members of the IPCC have disputed the claims about global warming from the Goracle and the IPCC just this year alone. Still, the press seizes anything that even hints of global warming and runs with it, it's a media frenzy. And it's not hard to find stories about global warming, everything is caused by global warming - rain, snow, heat, cold, drought, flood - you name it, global warming must be to blame. There have many stories in the press regarding the UN conference in Bali, but how many stories were run about the 100 concerned scientists who converged on Bali to urge the conference attendees to stop endangering the world's economies by enacting policies that won't do a thing to stop climate change but may cause economic collapse and a shift in the balance of power?That's basically what it's all about - power and money.The UN is proposing a global carbon tax that should net the UN $10-$40 billion dollars a year. Al Gore is chairman and part owner of a business that sells carbon offsets and has made another $100 million from being the global warming spokesman to the world. So who are the parties with monetary interests in global warming?The press doesn't report that average global temperature has been falling for the past five years, they don't report that a peer-reviewed study of the computer models being used by the global warming alarmists found that they are faulty and have been shown to be inaccurate.They don't report that at the heart of the global warming agenda is a "redistribution of wealth" as advocated by the "Friends of the Earth" who attended the conference in Bali. And yet they laugh at Czech President Vaclav Klaus when he compares the global warming agenda to communism.The press prints pictures of polar bears standing on an ice floe riddled with more holes than swiss cheese along with a story about polar bears drowning due to the ice melting but don't tell you that the picture was taken 3 years ago during the summer and that polar bears can swim more than 100 miles.And they wonder why so many have ceased to believe their global warming hype.
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Russian Scientist Has Chilling Advice

A Russian scientist has some chilling advice. Buy more fur coats, stock up on boots and mittens, there's cold times ahead. Dr. Oleg Sorokhtin, Merited Scientist of Russia and fellow of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, interjects some cool analysis into the hot debate over global warming and its cause.
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Trees are Mountain Climbing in Global Warming Panic

Plants and trees in the western Alps and northern Pyrenees are running scared from Global Warming according to this article in the The Guardian. With the headline
So the truth of it is that over time, plant species become more and less plentiful at different altitudes. If at least one-third moved to a lower altitude, then they can't be affected by the increase of warmth at lower altitudes.That of course is why it is then referred to as climate change, and to explain the data so it fits properly, plants are given human qualities such as being idiosyncratic and we are informed they are clambering over mountainsides willy-nilly in a panic over global warming.Add to that the fact that global temperatures have been decreasing since 2001 and not a lot of this article makes any sense. It does however, catch the eye and convey a sense of panic and fear. Unfortunately, many will read the headline and never notice that the article fails to support the theory.
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Global Warming Didn't Kill the Frogs

It appears that it may not be a solid scientific fact that global warming (or "climate change" as the propagandists now prefer as they morph their theo-climatology into a vehicle that can still be profitable even if the change doesn't turn out to be a warm one)is responsible for the recent disappearance of harlequin frogs.
The researchers who claimed the link blamed global warming for the re-emergence of a chytrid fungus. However, since then, other scientists have disputed the absolute link between the fungus and global warming, saying that the origin of the fungus and the way it kills amphibians remain unknown.The two camps continue to dispute each other's findings, but the important point to remember is that what the IPCC has accepted as facts are not always settled points of science. The "facts" that are the underpinnings of the IPCC-backed global warming theory are constantly being disputed and in some cases, contradicted by real facts.
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Backwards Science

The future ain't what it used to be. That's the contention of Thomas Peterson who has set out to "debunk" the global cooling fears of the 1970s. Global warming ain't what it used to be either, with record cold and snow falling for the first time in decades worldwide (including snow in Baghdad for the first time in 100 years), it's hard to keep the focus on global warming. After all, people who are knee-deep in white stuff and shivering aren't a very receptive audience to the message that humans are going to turn the world tropical. They are likely to say "bring it on".This is science in reverse. Peterson is not interested in the consensus on global warming or investigating skeptic scientists' views and research. He has been busy trying to prove there was no scientific consensus on global cooling and the fears of an ice age. Truthfully, if I were a global warming scientist, I think I would try to do something similar. After all, it does make them look a bit silly - always crying "the sky is falling".Peterson claims that science even then was dominated by concerns about pollution and global warming, even though temperatures had been falling since the 1940s and scientists were concerned that pollution was the reason for cooling, not warming.And if the sun is going into an inactive phase, as many scientists believe, then global cooling is the next phase on the climate agenda. If the earth continues to cool as it has been doing for the past seven years, eventually global warming will fade into obscurity. But the problem may be that we will be woefully unprepared for the cooler world, and the billions of dollars spent to keep it from warming up will have been wasted - when they could have done mankind some actual good.The propaganda machine is already in place and preparing for this contingency as global warming alarmists begin to proclaim every climate event as a result of global warming, including the extreme cold. The fact that they are worried that they might be wrong is evidenced in such claims as global warming will lead to a colder Western Europe. They are prepared for anything, except admitting they were wrong.
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John Coleman on Global Warming

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel gave a new statement about global warming before the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, once again calling GWT a hoax and a scam. In his statement, he says that the theory behind global warming is an attack on fossil fuels rather than based on accurate science.
Read the full article at KUSI, San Diego
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Scientists Postpone Global Warming...Again

It wasn't too long ago that global warming scientists were predicting that the current cooling trend would reverse in 2009 and global warming would return with a vengeance, making the next five years even hotter than 1998, the warmest year on record.
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Global Warming Fears Fuel Starvation

We've pointed out before that the rise of ethanol and other biofuels in response to global warming fears was not only not the right answer, not only not better for the environment but was morally reprehensible as farmers turned to growing crops for fuel rather than for food.
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Despite the Chill, UN Claims Warming Continues

Despite that fact that there has been no warming in the last decade, and despite the fact that 2008 is predicted to be the coolest year worldwide since 2001, the UN has no intention of stopping the global warming propaganda.
WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said while there would always be both cooler and warmer individual years, the overall trend in temperatures is still upwards.
He stated that you must look at trends over a period of time. He is thus treating the last ten years as an insufficient length of time to observe cooling. Yet, with 1998 as the last year to show an increase in global average temperature and the well-documented concerns about global cooling as recently as 1975, only 23 years previous, the cooling has gone on for nearly half as long as the warming trend did.It may be after 20 or so years of downward trends in global temperatures that the UN will pull out their new report that will claim they conquered global warming successfully.
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Global Warming and Social Engineering

In the debate on global warming and the nuclear family, it has been suggested that the destruction of the extended family and divorce are contributing causes of global warming. The debate rages on and of course, I have contributed to the rage by pointing out that global warming is merely another vehicle for social engineering. Has the destruction of the extended family contributed to climate change?
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Global Warming Will Leave Only One Political Party

Journalist David Lindorff has found something about global warming that he likes. Based on his interpretation of the effects of global warming, he figures that the parts of the country that are home to vast numbers of conservative voters will soon be underwater or rendered uninhabitable by the ravages of global warming. Fewer conservatives, he reckons, is a "silver lining" to the dark cloud of catastrophic climate change.
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