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The Water

The Water

…is the lifeblood of this town.

It has brought people,



So we crowd our houses

Close to it,

Building up,


For lack of land, 

And look after our families

From the confines

Of a boat.

© Text Caro Ness 2016

© Photo 

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The Convenient Bed (A Dormouse’s Hammock)

The Convenient Bed (A Dormouse’s Hammock)

I was looking for somewhere to lay my head

And I found this beautiful spot instead

A quiet nap in a flag or an iris,

Colourful, peaceful, immensely desirous!

So leave me be and let me sleep,

My dreams are of nature and they’re deep! 

© Text Caro Ness 2016

© Image.

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Falling Into Autumn

Falling Into Autumn

It’s a beautiful time,

Falling into Autumn.

When the trees turn…




Burnt ochre,


Yet sad.

Because the world rusts over,

And each leaf that descends

A drop of blood

Being shed,

As each tree

Dies a little death

For the winter. © Text Caro Ness 2016

Image may be subject to copyright 

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You’re Mine!

You’re Mine!

A squirrel, a nut,

What’s not to like?

Paradise but,

To be mine, I must strike!

 I spotted it there!

Grub on which to dine…

A nut past compare,

Let’s face it, you’re mine! 

© Text Caro Ness

© Image  Sergei Polyusho   

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Pink Gin

Pink Gin

How’s about a Pink Gin

At La Petite Bouchee?

What dumps you were in

Will just drift away…

So let good times begin

And fiesta hold sway,

My head’s in a spin,

But I’m A OK!

© Text 2016 Caro Ness

© Image Loz  Hudson

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Floral Bouquet

Floral Bouquet

Flowers to make a stunning bouquet,

Fragrant and vibrant, a lovely nosegay.

Purple and lilac, peuce, pink and white,

These flowers are destined to please and delight.

© Text Caro Ness 2016 

Image: +Wonderful Nature & Wildlife


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The Baoab

The Baoab

…is such a strange tree,

It has a certain symmetry.

Like a triffid, just a bit,

It looks as if someone’s uprooted it!

And rammed it upside down into the earth,

So it’s undergone a strange rebirth,

And under a fiery African sun,

It’s sci-fi horror for everyone!

 © Text Caro Ness 2016



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Hurry! Hurry! We must be on time,

 Being late is a serious crime!

It simply shows no thought,  respect,

No judicious use of your intellect!

Hurry! Scurry! Be on time!

Being late is such a crime! 

 © Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 



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The Spectator

The Spectator

I am just curious,

What are you doing?

I want to know

If you’ve something brewing.

Are you ready to give me

Some loving skin,

To let the purrfect

Adoration begin?!

I know you adore me

And so I insist

Give me some loving!

How can you resist?

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 


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On the edge of 

An abyss

Faced with

A solid sheet

Of power

A waterfall

And standing

In an emerald wilderness

I feel tiny


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Bubbles of dew

Clung to the plant

Like beads of sweat

Like perspiration 


And fragile

Yet hard against

A soft focus world 

© Text Caro Ness 2016

Image: Natalia Shchetinina  


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The Clearing

The Clearing

There was a clearing 

In the woods

And where the sunlight

Burst through

It lit the world

As if a spotlight

In a theatrical production

And turned the world

Saffron yellow

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016


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The Goatherd

The Goatherd

The boy 

Had taken his goats

Down to the river

To drink.

It was quiet,


The world just waking,

And just him

And his herd

In it.

Image: Posted on Wonderful Nature And Wildlife blog 

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How about some lovely Hollandaise?

Guaranteed to lift any kind of malaise. 

Whisked into the greatest accompanying sauce,

Naturally, it will lift your steak or brunch*, of course.

 © Text / Image Caro Ness 2016

 * A vital component of Eggs Benedict, the best breakfast ever! 

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 A lemon is lovely,

But not as good as a lime.

Which is zappy and zingy, 

Makes your mouth feel sublime.

So I put it in cocktails,

Or to dress my  next drink,

And squeeze it in my foodstuffs,

Well, what do YOU think?

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 


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The Weave

The Weave

Oh, this is the tale of the errant weave,

Which, dammit, just chose to up and leave.

It put itself in isolation,

But now has come out of hibernation.

It abandoned me some time ago,

But was sighted on Thursday, in Belgrave Row.

And it seems it’s met another weave,

Because, guess what it’s managed to achieve?

A litter of weavelets, three or four,

Who knows there may be one or two more,

Don’t approach them, they’ve gone really wild,

They’re ferocious, ma and child.

So if you see them, cross the lane,

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Fruits De Mer

Fruits De Mer

Fancy a platter of fruits de mer?

Seafood bounty extraordinaire!

Shrimps, crabs, mussels,  lobster, aoli too,

Oysters shucked ready to swallow, no need to chew!

You’ll also find samphire, to tickle your palate,

Something  for each of you, that’s how we plan it.

So get yourself down to La Petite Bouchee,

And fill your boots! Now what do you say?

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 


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The Gondola

The Gondola

Decaying beauty

Slowly drifting by

Viewed from a boat,

And what a boat!

A gondola 

Being silently punted

Through the canals.

Whose varnish

Looks as deep and new

As the day it was applied.

Our friends 

Are in the gondola ahead,

And as we come out

From under one of

Numerous bridges,

We catch sight of them

And the beautiful city beyond.

 © Text Caro Ness 2016 

Photo subject to copyright


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Steak And Kidney Pie

Steak And Kidney Pie

This my passion,

Steak and kidney pie,

I don’t like to ration 

It, don’t ask me why.

I know that there

Are more than a few

Who think me a mad March hare,

‘Cause it’s a filthy stew.

But I just adore

The smell and the taste

So give me some more,

Too little’s a waste.

My wife doesn’t like offal,

She still makes this somehow,

And just so it’s not awful,

The lid has s pic of a cow!

© Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 


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Garners Beach

Garners Beach

Garners Beach,

North Queensland.

A long stretch of faultless sand

Stretched away from me.

Strong winds had torn

A tree,

Roots and all,

From it’s shallow home,

And it lay,

Where it fell,

At the water’s edge. 

It was that twilight 

Witching hour,

Neither day nor night,

When the world inked itself

In violet and crushed blackberry,

But for the seam of light

That was the setting sun…

© Text Caro Ness 2016

Image:  Guy Verkroost Photography: Garner’s Beach, North Queensland  



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