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2016-06-27 07:00
Nothing like a rack of ribs, Sticky, unctuous,…you’ll need bibs! ‘Cause they’re covered in marinade & rub, That makes them an irresistible form of grub!  And baked f…Read More
The Unicorn
2016-06-26 07:00
Today I’m modelling the unicorn, ‘Cause my mad hair’s in the shape of a horn.  Don’t mess with me, I’m a mythical beast, And I’m liable to love you to death a…Read More
A Bird
2016-06-24 07:00
Stretch of limb and sinew Effortless lift Poetry in motion A bird in flight  © Text Caro Ness 2016 Image may be subject to copyright Read More
2016-06-23 07:52
They’ve erected a gazebo in High Level Drive, But it’ll blow away before all the voters arrive! Europe!! Are we in or out? Endless debates at which politicians shout… BREXIT-ers, a…Read More
2016-06-22 07:00
OK, so, well, this is my ugly mug, And it may belong on a Toby Jug, But it’s my attempt at sharing my smile, I hope posting it here has been worthwhile! © Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 Read More
Hot Milk
2016-06-21 07:00
Do you like your cereal with milk that’s hot? Well, I can tell you that I do NOT! I like some crunch with ice cold milk, That slips down my throat like a ribbon of silk. One thing the cereal ne…Read More
2016-06-21 07:00
Oh thanks for leaving the washing-up!   A plate, a bowl, a spoon, a cup, What possessed you to leave it there? Were you unable to get off your derrière? I don’t want to look like a…Read More
2016-06-20 07:00
What can I say about my little cat? She’s a quicksilver lovely, an acrobat. She’ll jump on your shoulder, straight from the floor, Or she’ll be stalking moths on the top of the door…Read More
2016-06-19 07:00
I wanted something to break my fast, Something substantial that would last, A big bowl of cereal and cold, cold milk, A mixture of crunch and smooth as silk. So out came a box of Crunchy Nut,  C…Read More
2016-06-18 07:00
I feel the need to party! Something hale and hearty… The need to laugh and dance has come round again, So let’s break out some really good champagne, Because it fizzes and revives, Oh, l…Read More
2016-06-17 07:00
I’m a very tired chap, So I’m taking a little nap, In the course of racing round, How many things d’you think I found? There were balls and bones on tap, I found them all, every las…Read More
Eggs Benedict
2016-06-16 07:00
If asked what I want for breakfast, I predict, I would usually say an Eggs Benedict. Eggs poached lovingly in Hollandaise, Guaranteed to raise you from any malaise. Placed on top of a toasted muffin…Read More
2016-06-15 07:00
I was doing my best to work, When my cat chose to come and lurk! She craved a morning cuddle,  So we go into our morning huddle, And have some lovely long embraces, To put a smile on both our fa…Read More
La Petite Bouchee
2016-06-14 07:00
We have a bijou pop-up cafe, Which is called La Petite Bouchée. It only serves four and is French and boutique, So be prepared for something entirely unique. © Text / Image Caro Ness 2016…Read More
History Created
2016-06-13 07:00
History created In the form of a tree Whose roots Are buried in a monument  So new life sprouts From a past forgotten Rewrought © Text  Caro Ness 2016 © Image Angkeara Bong: Cambo…Read More
2016-06-12 07:05
I really do just love this bed, It’s soft and cosy and very red, If I close my eyes it’s ‘specially nice, ‘Cause I can dream of catching mice, That makes me happy, it makes me…Read More
An Unknown Road
2016-06-11 07:00
The road stretched into the unknown, It was foggy, so I felt strangely disconnected, In odd places, someone had erected A white picket fence, But only a yard or two long, So it ended almost before it…Read More
2016-06-10 07:00
The Gin Bar This is our bar, and it’s stocked full of gin, When it comes to boutique ones, where do I begin? They’re so full of flavour, it gets under your skin! The distillers are extrem…Read More
2016-06-09 07:00
This is a nice bowl of comfort food When life gets you down, or people are rude,It’s cauliflower cheese in the form of a soup, To allow you a bit of peace and goodwill to recoup.It wraps itself…Read More
In The Doghouse 
2016-06-08 07:00
I do not deliberately set out to annoy, Nor do I purposefully try to destroy, But I’m only a puppy, so most things are a toy, And munching on biros does bring me joy! My teeth need to sharpen…Read More
2016-06-07 07:00
This is where I like to hide, In a box, where it’s dark inside. If there’s one empty, I’ll climb in, Because I feel quite safe within. If it’s full, I’ll make a space, …Read More
Moules Frites
2016-06-06 07:00
How about a nice pot of moules? I know when I see them, I start to drool, Accompanied by a bowl of chips, With aoli and assorted dips… With cider, fish stock, beer or wine, Any way wil…Read More
2016-06-04 07:00
We are the sweetest pair of mogs, Loving, giving, inseparable sprogs, We tolerate most things, even dogs, And often go as mad as a bag of frogs, But we’re happy when we’re together! …Read More
2016-06-03 07:00
Let’s skip pudding and have some cheese, That floats my boat, so let’s have some please! We’ve  even got a board or slate, On which the cheese will look really great. A bit of…Read More
Fig Tart
2016-06-02 07:00
The tart that I made was laced with Fig, Some pieces were small, and some quite big, A custard was added to carry the fruit, A creme anglaise, there’s no substitute… And some booze, of w…Read More
2016-06-01 07:00
Alaska. We were out on the boat, And, suddenly, The whales breached Beyond us. Gentle giants Of the deep, Up from the depths to feed. How small, And unimportant Man is, In the face of such giants? An…Read More
2016-05-31 07:00
I admit I like to lie in bed, With the duvet almost over my head, Wrapped up tight in my neat cocoon, I relish the peace of a silent room Please don’t disturb when I’m in this state  …Read More
2016-05-30 07:00
It’s something you love Or something you hate  I confess I adore it I don’t speculate  It’s not just me that loves it ‘Cause so does my wife So we each have a jar To…Read More
2016-05-29 07:20
It was cold Freezing In our house The wind seemed to build And swell And occupy every corner So we lit a fire © Caro Ness 2016 Read More
2016-05-28 07:00
I have been asked to create a poem to go with this picture #poetsprompt #sunset The sun went down, And the clouds rolled in, Some angry and threatening, Some light as cotton flowers, Or marshmallow…Read More
2016-05-27 07:00
It’s my favourite game, Whilst in the park, If you’ve got a good aim, I’ll make my mark, And I will bring the stick back to you. A stick, a ball, A squeaky toy, It doesn’t mat…Read More
Detached Property
2016-05-26 07:00
I’ve a detached property A studio flat I’ve everything I need Detached from others But not from me And private Because in a heartbeat I can just close myself Off from the world Snail Shel…Read More
The Hat
2016-05-24 07:00
I needed a hat For a wedding Something frivolous Yet me So I summoned up All my patience And headed for the nearest store I found it In a great shade of pink © Text Caro Ness 2016 Read More
2016-05-23 07:00
A symphony Of colour Turquoise Red White Simple Bold Colour With hints Of blue-green Brilliant © Text Caro Ness 2016 Read More
Holding Hands
2016-05-22 04:30
Your hand in mine, A simple sign That you’re the one I love. A glass of wine, To pass the time, With you, the one I love. Our hearts entwine With a strength divine, Yes, you’re the one I…Read More
2016-05-21 07:00
A perfect tree With beautiful blossom Pruned Trained To a gentle fall In a simple pot  © Text Caro Ness 2016  Read More
Scotch Bonnet
2016-05-20 07:00
Scotch Bonnet chillies in a bowl, Chop them up or eat them whole, Either way, you know you ought’a, But they are sure to make your eyes water! © Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 Read More
A Poppy Field
2016-05-19 07:00
The field, Full of poppies, Was gilded, By the rising sun, And each petal,   Delicate, Translucent, Was burnished A richer scarlet. © Text Caro Ness 2016 Read More
A Slice
2016-05-18 06:00
The moon came up, Like a slice of cheese,   Or the smile Of the Cheshire Cat, And the sky flushed At its edges.  © Text Caro Ness 2016 Read More
The Beach Hut
2016-05-17 07:00
We bought the tallest Beach hut by the shore And painted it Bold, primary colours, So we could immediately  Identify it from far off As ours. © Text Caro Ness 2016 Read More
2016-05-15 07:00
The fleece was hot, I got too warm though.. So do you know what? I’m going to say hello!  © Text Caro Ness 2016 © Image Piotr B  2016 Read More
Old/New ( #poetsprompt #endoftherow )
2016-05-14 07:00
There was an old cart That had been abandoned And a broken chassis With two imperfect wheels  Was all that remained Yet leaping up All around it Were clusters of flowers Red Yellow Pink White St…Read More
2016-05-12 07:00
The skies today Are full of angry cloud.  Banks of them,  Stacked one on top of another.  Threatening, menacing, And the sweet smell of rain, Wafts on a stiff breeze Across the city. …Read More
2016-05-11 07:00
Truly great grafting history Was made producing this stunning tree Forty different fruits, including peach, cherry A fruit smorgasbord for you and me © Text Caro Ness 2016 Read More
Dog TV
2016-05-09 07:00
Gatsby is a doggy dog But likes digital telly Not analogue And the one thing he really wants to see Are dog related programmes on the TV © Text / Image Caro Ness 2016 Read More
2016-05-08 07:00
They think a box is quite divine, Like every other cat! Here they’re protecting a crate of wine, Well, there’s certainly sense in that! The one on the right is Calico Pie, And she thinks…Read More
The Garden
2016-05-07 07:00
I loved My grandmother’s garden. It reminded me Of one of those Old-fashioned sweet shops. You know the kind? With serried shelves  Of tempting concoctions, Each one in its own glass jar?…Read More
2016-05-06 07:10
I wouldn’t want to second guess What will happen to the NHS If the Tories have their way For everyone will have to pay. Not free to each man on the street But prerogative of ‘the elite&rs…Read More
Tower Bridge
2016-05-05 07:00
…at night. Dressed up Like a sleeping giant, Waiting to unfold Its limbs. Spanning the Thames With effortless grace And, at this time of night, Thanks to numerous lights, Clarity.  ©…Read More
2016-05-04 07:00
I’ve had a really lovely sleep, It was quality, it was deep. But now some wretched, horrid din,  Has woken me, to my chagrin, If I’m required to bark right back, The wherewithal I fe…Read More
Dead Beat
2016-05-03 07:00
This is where I choose to lie When energy’s in short supply. Stretched across my mama’s bed, It’s just the place to lay my head. A comfy duvet in which to snuggle? Then Morpheus is…Read More
2016-05-02 07:00
…is how it’s known A hairpiece that is now outgrown And has chosen to migrate, To road, to fence, to garden gate. It’s what’s known as ‘bang on trend’, To find on…Read More
The Water
2016-05-01 07:00
…is the lifeblood of this town. It has brought people, Products, Commerce. So we crowd our houses Close to it, Building up, Higgledy-piggledy, For lack of land,  And look after our famili…Read More
The Convenient Bed (A Dormouse’s Hammock)
2016-04-30 07:00
I was looking for somewhere to lay my head And I found this beautiful spot instead A quiet nap in a flag or an iris, Colourful, peaceful, immensely desirous! So leave me be and let me sleep, My dream…Read More
Falling Into Autumn
2016-04-29 07:00
It’s a beautiful time, Falling into Autumn. When the trees turn… Red, Yellow, Orange, Burnt ochre, Brown. Yet sad. Because the world rusts over, And each leaf that descends A drop of blo…Read More
You’re Mine!
2016-04-28 07:00
A squirrel, a nut, What’s not to like? Paradise but, To be mine, I must strike!  I spotted it there! Grub on which to dine… A nut past compare, Let’s face it, you’re min…Read More
Pink Gin
2016-04-27 07:00
How’s about a Pink Gin At La Petite Bouchee? What dumps you were in Will just drift away… So let good times begin And fiesta hold sway, My head’s in a spin, But I’m A OK! &co…Read More
Floral Bouquet
2016-04-26 07:00
Flowers to make a stunning bouquet, Fragrant and vibrant, a lovely nosegay. Purple and lilac, peuce, pink and white, These flowers are destined to please and delight. © Text Caro Ness 2016 …Read More
The Baoab
2016-04-25 07:00
…is such a strange tree, It has a certain symmetry. Like a triffid, just a bit, It looks as if someone’s uprooted it! And rammed it upside down into the earth, So it’s undergone a…Read More