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The Duvet

Sweden gave us the duvet,

Conran bought it to the UK,

Now I can’t live without one, 

It’s needed, it’s safe to say!

I love the snuggling under,

It’s a thing of joy and wonder,

When the cat is afraid of thunder,

It makes her feel it’s all OK.

I love the tartan cover,

Each night it’s a “rediscover”

And I know it pleases my lover,

And that is NOT a lame cliche!

© Caro Ness 2016 


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Mulled Wine

A pan of wine warming on the stove,

A scattering of spices to add interest,



Some, instantly recognisable,

Some, a secret well-guarded,

And rightly so.



And allow the scent

Of Winter,

To permeate the house.

© Caro Ness 2016 


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A Hidden Garden

There was a beautiful garden

Hidden behind the wall

With delicious specimen trees

And if I pressed my face against the iron gate

I could breathe in the perfumes

Of the plants

Some loving hand

Had planted there.

© Caro Ness 2016 


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True Love

I didn’t really know true love before,

Till I met you, now I know the score.

A delicate touch, the deepest kiss,

That brings us to a love like this.

A love that’s honest and kind and true,

And every bit contained in you.

© Caro Ness 2016 


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Ode To The Missing Sock

What is it with the errant sock,

Which tends to scorn, to taunt and mock?

Into the wash I put a pigeon pair,

When the laundry’s back, one isn’t there!

It’s adopted a stunning camouflage,

And it will require skilled arbitrage,

To get the little sucker back,

Expertise I fear I lack.

If I don’t pay close attention,

They turn up in some 4th dimension. 

I resort to wearing spots with stripes,

A look that I can’t say I like.

Left foot red and right foot blue,

In the circs, what would YOU do?

© Caro Ness 2016


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The Sombrero 

The first time I married,

I went on honeymoon to Mexico,

And fell in love with

The Mariachi bands,

That used to cluster around the trees,

In the central square in Oaxaca.

I was determined to buy 

A traditional sombrero,

And I did!

The irony is that

I bought it

In an antique shop 

In Bristol.

This is my daughter,

Modelling it.

© Caro Ness 2016 


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The World In Stereo

If I lie on the ground

And stare upward

I see the world in stereo


Surround Sound

Hi Fidelity

A blue blue sky

Fluffed with clouds

Against which

Red yellow green orange


Appear to be pinned

© Caro Ness 2016 


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This is Dexter, my friend’s dog, who is lost.

He went missing a couple of months ago but we’ve known of other animals who have been away  from  their families for months, even years but who eventually found their way home.

 So please help me find him for Sarah, Glyn, Charlie & Elliot, who miss him terribly.
They have set up a page on FB too. You can find it at:

So do please go to the page and like it!

Share this post wherever you can too please! 

This is Dexter and he is lost.

He shouldn’t be out in the cold and frost.

So please help to find him for his adoring family,

Share this post wherever, and if you find him, get in touch with me! 

© Caro Ness 2016 



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Rosie’s my friend,
And I love her so,
If she’s off on a walk,
Then I want to go.
If she’s staying at home,
Then I’m happy to be,
Curled up safely,
On her knee.
© Caro Ness 2016 



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If The Cap Fits

On a wet day,
My daughter chose
To wear a flat cap,
Usually borrowed
From an indulgent male friend, 
To protect her bald head & clothes
From the rain. 
© Caro Ness 2016  


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The Gin Kit

A homemade Gin Kit,

How cool is that?

All you need do 

Is buy a generic vodka 

As a base,

Then using this kit, 

You can  make your very own “mother’s ruin”.

A couple of small bottles are supplied,

And a fine strainer and funnel,

Then add the botanicals,

Like juniper berry, obviously, 

But also a choice between

An original botanical blend,

A smoky blend,

Or a spiced blend.

Then strain,

And 36 hours later,

You have created your very own

Small batch,

Boutique gin.

Spirit Alchemy!

© Caro Ness 2016


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Snowed In

The path ahead

Has been carved out of the snow,

 So we can get to our pond, 

And we will make use of it.

And before you ask,

No, it’s not frozen over,

A man with a huge thermos of boiling water,

Like a giant samovar,

Comes to defrost it for us! 

© Caro Ness 2016 


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La Petite Bouchee 

Visit La Petite Bouchee 
For a wholesome bite,
Have a cafe au lait,
And pain perdu cooked just right,
If you don’t want brunch,
Then come when it’s dark,
Or for picnic lunch,
Which you can eat in the park.
We’re a French bistro in a Citroen H Van,
Join us for a unique experience if you can! 

© Caro Ness 2016 

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OK, so I climbed up the tree,

But then I got quite stuck.

Because I’ve put on a pound or three,

And now I’ve run out of luck!

So, if I ask so nicely,

Will you come to get me down?

I’ve got another engagement,

On the other side of town! 

© Caro Ness 2016


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Looking Into The Void 

Sit still,

And look into the void,

It as if the world,


And allows you

To catch up with it.

Beneath you,

Everything mapped out,

As though in slow motion 

So you can absorb each feature,

In real time,

And breathe in history.

© Caro Ness 2016 



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What a way to start the day.

A fresh fig,

Sliced in half,

To expose the flesh

And seeds within…

And a basket of blueberries,

With a slight blush on them,


© Caro Ness 2016 


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It’s time to celebrate!


A large bucket,

Loads of ice 

And a few bottles,


© Caro Ness 2016


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Mental Abuse

Not all abuse is a punch or a kick,

Some is emotional, mental and sick,

It hides in the shadows, revealing no scars, 

But each little dig’s like being burned by cigars.

Though you know you’re worth something,

Your self-esteem goes,

Without black eyes and bruises,

None of this shows. 

Anger takes over, you drive others away,

When all that you need is for someone to say,

You’re not alone, we are here by your side,

Come out in the open, there’s no need to hide. 

We’ll support not desert you, we’ll help you be stronger,

There’s no need to be out in the cold any longer.

We’ll give you a lifeline, give you a chance,

Come out in the sunshine, come out and dance.

 © Caro Ness 2016 


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The Abused Fights Back

I began to believe I was worth nothing at all,

‘Cause your fists and your taunts made me ugly and small,

If someone I loved said I was no use at all,

How could I hope to ever stand proud, free and tall?

I explained all the bruises and endless black eyes,

I called myself clumsy, friends saw through my lies, 

But how do you rescue someone who always complies?

 Then the light finally dawns and your complicity dies.

You stepped over a line when you involved our family,

Our kids didn’t need to be dragged into your bigotry,

There’s no need to subject them to your infamy,

So I finally saw how to completely break free.

I had to acknowledge I didn’t deserve the misuse, 

I walked out one day with a flimsy excuse,

I found numerous ways to gather some proof,

That put you behind bars, for the years of abuse,

Now my kids are safe under MY roof.

© Caro Ness 2016

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Domestic Violence 

A kick, a slap, a punch or two,

‘Ts’ not me, it’s entirely  down to you,

And the stupid things you do,

You know my words are true.
It’s not rape, ’cause I’m your man,

If I want sex, you know I can,

It’s been like that since time began,

So don’t think you should have a plan.
You know I love you to the moon,

But you want things on a silver spoon,

So make some changes and make them soon,

And start singing to my tune.
I want you to look good to men outside,

But don’t go taking me for a ride,

Talk to them, you’re crucified,

I don’t want to look undignified.
You know you’re nothing without me,

And I know you dare not disagree,

You’re lower than the bourgeoisie,

You’ll sink without me, I guarantee! 

© Caro Ness 2016 


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You And I

You walked into my world on a southerly breeze,

And brought me, unresisting, to my knees,

A visceral instinct, a bolt from the blue,

Told me my future was bound up with you.

I cannot say why, I cannot say when,

But the flame, once ignited, flared up and then,

It settled, it steadied, grew stronger and stronger,

Till my love for you couldn’t remain buried longer. 

Just you and I, yes, you and I,

And a limitless landscape, a boundless sky,

There is nothing that our universe needs more of,

Because it is full to the brim with us and love. 

© Caro Ness 2016  


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My aunty brought me down 

the pub,

For a nice pint of beer and a spot of grub,

I’m in desperate need of a juicy bone,

That I can gnaw later, when I’m alone,

Or, better still, a bit of your meal,

Go on! You cannot resist my appeal! 

© Caro Ness 2016 


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D is for Roald Dahl

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Winter Largesse

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