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Digital Soapbox

Just my little half acre on the web, giving me a platform to discuss work, hobbies, and providing a place for me to speak my mind and write about what interests me.

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Turbans Are Fine After All

When you step back and review the whole "turban-gate" fiasco, you can't help but face-palm in disgust..   Read full post >>

Building Better Data

When I started at iPerceptions five years ago (an eternity in “internet time”), many of the conversations with both prospects and clients revolved around education. Few people knew what Voice of Customer (VoC) was, and fewer still were using it. …   Read full post >>

Quebec Protesters; Poor Social Engineers

Its been no secret that I am opposed to all this "red-rag" nonsense that is going on in Quebec right now. I feel the protesters are behaving like spoiled, petulant children, pitching a fit in the grocery store because their mother just told them they couldn't have that chocolate bar. Thanks to an Op-Ed linked on my wall by a red-wearing acquaintance of mine, I have now discovered that protesters are horrible social engineers, on top of being a blight on this fair city.   Read full post >>