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Vegetarian Blogs Directory

Zucchini Tomato Curry
Purpledragonfly · 09:20 29 May 2017
Zucchini is a godsend on days when you have little time to spend in the kitchen. The vegetable is as easy to chop as it is to cook. This zucchini tomato curry takes under 20 minutes from… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 12:08 28 May 2017
Today it’s Mother’s Day in Sweden, and since I have a mother and I am a mother, I thought I’d write a post about that. I’d also like to mention my dad, who is no long… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 28 May 2017
New Girl é um seriado de comédia que está na sexta temporada e tem como plot a história de Jess, uma professora atrapalhada e querida, que após se separar… Read More
Miyokos Cheese – Review
The Rose & Bean · 00:30 24 May 2017
Cheese, cheese, cheese. It’s one of the main things that stops people going vegan. “Oh I could never give up cheese!” they say, when I tell them how easy it is to go vegan… Read More
Potato Adzuki Bean Curry
Purpledragonfly · 14:45 18 May 2017
A hearty potato adzuki bean curry with a burst of Indian spices and flavors. Adzuki beans are a recent addition to my pantry. I have been experimenting with this fantastic little legume… Read More
Vegan Apple And Beetroot Slaw
The Rose & Bean · 00:30 17 May 2017
Coleslaw. A traditional accompaniment to most British BBQs. Creamy and tangy, I used to love it before I turned vegan. Although I was always slightly wary by just how much mayo there used to… Read More
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 18:51 15 May 2017
Apparently, The Eurovision Song Contest is over. I say apparently, since I don’t keep up with these things. Usually, my mom does, for some weird reason, but this time she only watched… Read More
Seasonal Eating: May
Life Without Meat · 22:22 07 May 2017
Nowadays, it’s easy to buy the fruit and vegetables you want regardless of whether they’re in season this time of year. Supermarkets do a fantastic job at stocking them pret… Read More
Vegan Butter
The Rose & Bean · 07:09 07 May 2017
This recipe came about following our vegan croissant recipe. We noticed a large number of people were wondering where to find a vegan butter to make our croissants. Whilst we were recommendi… Read More
Juicing Recipes: 7-Day Plan
Purpledragonfly · 05:29 04 May 2017
A guide to juicing recipes that you could follow during the week: this 7-day juicing plan gives you a range of colors, nutrients and ingredients. Before the recipes, let’s talk fi… Read More
Vegan Croissants
The Rose & Bean · 00:30 03 May 2017
So this recipe is 100% Sam. He has always loved to bake, and especially loves cooking when it comes to dough or pastry, and croissants were one of his main loves pre-vegan. He actually neve… Read More
Black Bean Soup
Ellen Kanner | Soulf… · 11:22 01 May 2017
The Doctor Is In Originally posted on 04/07/2014 for Huffington Post. Get ready for Cinco de Mayo with this black bean soup recipe. “Eating is complicated,” says Dr. Annemarie C… Read More
Our Ancestry!
Vegan Lynx / In Memo… · 08:30 30 Apr 2017
The genealogical DNA test results have come! I had no idea they sent these things on a Sunday, but apparently they do. Unfortunately, most of our relatives don’t seem to be doing any r… Read More
Vegan Quiz
Ellen Kanner | Soulf… · 14:17 29 Apr 2017
Liam Hemsworth, Rooney Mara and other celebs make vegan look great (and trust me, it is). But what does vegan really mean when it’s time to eat? I was honored when HealthyIQ invit… Read More
Além Da Alface · 02:00 27 Apr 2017
Em geral eu publico por aqui vídeos mais sérios sobre veganismo, mas o vídeo de hoje é um vídeo divertido sobre o tema! Lembram da música Gangnam St… Read More