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My Cyber Station · 15:25 20 Jul 2017
APA ITU UBER?UBER adalah sebuah aplikasi di mana anda boleh menjana wang dengan mudah, hanya dengan menerima dan menyelesaikan permintaan perjalanan daripada penumpang di bandar anda. Anda b… Read More
The Bingham Diaries · 14:07 20 Jul 2017
Job hunting is dumb. While Troy and the big kids are finishing up things in New Mexico, I've been hustling in Utah with the younguns. I've had two interviews thus far, with more to come… Read More
7 Habits For Tidy Home
Blanc Affair · 08:00 20 Jul 2017
My home is my temple. Home for me is a place of comfort and tranquility. And it goes without saying that I like it neat. Creating tidy home habits is important yet not that easy. Over the… Read More
Alto Valle Night · 07:18 20 Jul 2017
20 Best Washi Tapes For You.
Crookedbrains · 05:19 20 Jul 2017
Washi tape is a popular crafting essential that gives you endless crafting opportunities. It lets you turn ordinary into extraordinary, lets you make even the everyday things a lot more inte… Read More
Day 2764
Some Assembly Requir… · 04:05 20 Jul 2017
I walked Dash by myself today and everything seemed fine. My wrist didn't give me any problems and the swelling on my leg didn't get any worse. My left leg still looks larger than my right l… Read More
Red Wasp Saga
Life 101 · 00:02 20 Jul 2017
A few weeks ago I filled the tank of the tractor before bush hogging chores. My nephew came by later to help me work on one of the implements. He noticed that the gas cap was missing. W… Read More
Springtime Whirlwind
Love In The Suburbs · 22:01 19 Jul 2017
Spring came and went quickly this year. I wish I had done a better job of capturing all the moments of joy and learning here. I can’t beat myself up about not blogging, though. That&rs… Read More
Caro Ness Author | T… · 11:00 19 Jul 2017
We had rented the villa Back in the Spring, It was painted vanilla, It kinda had ‘bling’.  It was high Summer, When we arrived, The trip there was a bummer, It was a very lo… Read More
83 Unsung Heroes · 08:00 19 Jul 2017
Every hour or so at work, I go for a walk to the end other end of the site and back.  It was a habit I took up about a year ago, primarily so I can take a break from my monitor but… Read More
Dreamflesh · 22:24 18 Jul 2017
Full disclosure: Dave introduced me to breathwork and it changed my life, so this review may not be fully objective. But then, this book is as much a manual to use as a book to read, so it&r… Read More
Mutant Cat · 18:21 18 Jul 2017
I had a brief stint of being really popular, then I sort of blew it, and then I wasn't. Well not really.In all, some good stuff happened and it turned out to be actually rather vexing. A lot… Read More
Two Points Guaranteed
.square Pegs · 08:25 18 Jul 2017
Under normal circumstances it would be hard to find something to say about your team's performance -either good or bad- when they did not play on the weekend. However, the demise of the 'onc… Read More
Inspirational Videos… · 05:58 18 Jul 2017
“I believe you may have a strong connection to plants.” I said to my friend as I sat across her at a vegetarian restaurant. I wasn’t sure why I said this but I had a strong… Read More
Flibberty Jibberty
The Blog · 02:48 18 Jul 2017
In my day, we were dazzled by gyroscopes...Today, kids watch fidget spinners, well, spin. Doesn't that make you go "hmmmm"?[The BLOG note: that "hmmmm" is not a spinning noise, by the way, i… Read More
Disney's D23 2017
I Am Cam Jr! · 20:48 17 Jul 2017
This past weekend was a HOOT!I worked at Disney's biannual D23 Expo and truly enjoyed seeing all the Disney fanatics having the time of their lives!Folks were dressed up as their favori… Read More
Third Mom · 19:54 17 Jul 2017
I took one of those online quizzes the other day. This one was to determine my personality type, extrovert vs. introvert. I expected the same result I’ve gotten for decades - extrovert… Read More
Verbal Fluidity · 14:31 17 Jul 2017
So even after a peaceful protest, where the city aided in covering up the Edward Cornwallis statue, people still felt the need to graffiti the statue. I'm not surprised. This is typically ho… Read More
Sobre Cuidar De Nós Mesmos
Indelével · 12:45 17 Jul 2017
Certa vez li uma frase do escritor Pedro Chagas Freitas, sobre cada um cuidar da sua vida. Era uma frase sensacional que, com certeza, deveria viralizar e alcançar todas as pessoas do… Read More
A Repatriation Sing-a-Long
Expat Mum · 09:34 17 Jul 2017
I would say we were “established” in our new home, but that would be a big fat porky pie (lie). We are here with some of our things, and they’re mostly lying in various pil… Read More
;das Denke Ich ... E… · 16:34 16 Jul 2017
Habt ihr das auch schon mal gehört? Mittlerweile kann man glaube ich nicht mal mehr sagen, dass es nur die Jugendlichen verwenden, die besonders Aufmerksamkeit fordernden Jugendlichen… Read More
Treat & Trick · 08:59 16 Jul 2017
Deliciously yummy treat  using Digestive biscuits,  made from scratch.Am craving for a dessert that was quick and easy that does not involve a complicated step to make.  So I… Read More
Antonio F. Marín · 08:43 16 Jul 2017
En todas las malas películas asoma un chico guapo, un bellezón de chica, uno que es muy malo y una injusticia que remediar. Y todos tan contentos cuando con el The End se h… Read More
Bir Deli Mavi · 08:38 15 Jul 2017
Hayat,Anlam veremediğim olay örgüsü,Daha içilmemiş demli bir çay,Gidilmemiş birkaç şehir,Yürünmemiş taşlı bir… Read More
Loose Feathers #604
A Dc Birding Blog · 14:00 14 Jul 2017
Sagebrush Sparrow / Photo by Tom Koerner/USFWSBirds and birding newsThe newly-named Cassia Crossbill has a sedentary population that specializes in eating the seeds of lodgepole pines, and i… Read More