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G2 Crowd Blog · 16:11 21 Jul 2017
Whether your business has been around for years or is still on training wheels, it’s important to make your web site seen. In our internet-driven world, you need search engine marketin… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 20:30 20 Jul 2017
Elon Musk is one of the most outspoken proponents of regulating AI, and earlier this week he got an opportunity to voice his opinions in front of the National Governors Association. As… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 18:10 20 Jul 2017
The first version of Google Glass was too good to be true, literally. The recently released second edition, however, seems much closer to, dare I say, practical. The revival is finding… Read More
How To Plan A Webinar
G2 Crowd Blog · 14:27 20 Jul 2017
Webinars can be a game changer for a business. Besides being an online seminar, webinars are also used to boost product demand. Even though it sounds rather simple, setting up a top-notch we… Read More
G2 Coworkers Go Coworking
G2 Crowd Blog · 18:06 19 Jul 2017
On an overcast June Wednesday in downtown Chicago, the Research team at G2 Crowd set out to experience the varied wonders of local coworking spaces. Each selected a space to tour and work ou… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 16:38 18 Jul 2017
Recycle. Upgrade your light bulbs. Install solar panels. Stop reproducing. Wait, what was that last one? The Guardian reported on a study this week that said the biggest impact on… Read More
The Talent Crisis Is Real
G2 Crowd Blog · 15:21 17 Jul 2017
A study we conducted in the G2 Crowd community on talent and recruiting found that many companies are facing a talent crisis, with 51 percent of respondents reporting having difficulties fil… Read More
AI Digest: Edition XVI
G2 Crowd Blog · 18:32 14 Jul 2017
Disruption is the name of the game, and everyone is trying to take down the industry titans: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. As machine learning becomes ingrained in our business e… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 19:31 13 Jul 2017
Facebook’s $200 Oculus price cut not only says something about the direction of virtual reality (VR), but also says something about Facebook. For VR, as far as consumers are… Read More
Ralix Electronic Lighter
Ok Let Me Review It · 11:00 10 Jul 2017
I have a love hate relationship with this lighter. I love the fact that its rechargeable and that you can charge it using your phone plug, or if you have a portable cell phone battery.What I… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 19:42 06 Jul 2017
With a slow business week in the U.S. due to the July 4th holiday, China dominated the AI news with major companies making big AI announcements. Baidu and Nvidia agreed to a partnership surr… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 17:17 06 Jul 2017
Nokia is probably not the first name you think of when you hear virtual reality and AI, but its recent deal puts it in the discussion. Partnering with the smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi, Nok… Read More
HSI Glider Flat Iron
Ok Let Me Review It · 19:01 04 Jul 2017
HSI Glider flat iron is amazing. If you have curly or wavy hair the Glider is going to be your new best friend. It really doesnt matter if you are a beautician or just an average at home pe… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 21:23 29 Jun 2017
Online reviews matter, a lot. A 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey from SEO and local citation building service BrightLocal found that 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a p… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 13:56 29 Jun 2017
Have you ever turned your apartment upside down looking for something to measure your new couch? If you have, Apple has developed a way to eliminate this issue. AR Measure, an AR app that ro… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 13:38 29 Jun 2017
Is AI overhyped in 2017? That’s the question that was posed on Quora last week. It seems that every week I hear of big advancements in every industry in regards to AI. But is that all… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 21:32 28 Jun 2017
In what looks like a futuristic James Cameron movie, China began building its first “Vertical Forest City” this week. The architecture firm Stefano Boeri Architetti is behind the… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 16:57 28 Jun 2017
I first became a member of a gym when I was in high school, trading YouTube workouts and running in the heat of Texas summer for lifting weights at our local YMCA. Prior to that, I remember… Read More
G2 Crowd Blog · 17:08 22 Jun 2017
Apple is late to the augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and conversational game, but some say it’s straight up better than Google, Microsoft and Facebook (at least when it co… Read More