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Occassional Musings … · 16:37 22 Feb 2017
Kali was not our pet. Someone had released her as he was moving on. Kali came and sat at our door. We found her as we returned from Kolkata sometime  in early nineties. As we returned h… Read More
Motivasi Hubungan Be… · 10:52 22 Feb 2017
Cerita selingkuh tak selalu indah. Jodoh itu katanya di tangan Tuhan, kenyataannya hal itu memang benar. Banyak pasangan  sudah bertahun-tahun pacaran tapi tak berujung pernikahan. Bahk… Read More
Spring Wish List
Retro Chick | Uk Fas… · 10:00 22 Feb 2017 has been a definite change in the weather over the last week. Today there is rain predicted, but it is *warmer* rain, and on Monday it was… Read More
Shizuka And Family · 09:30 22 Feb 2017
... hoje é Dia Europeu da Vítima?Se não sabiam, passam a saber. De nada!Fonte: Cabeça da Shizuka (já sabem que primeiro vi no Almanaque Bertrand 2016… Read More
That First Verse Tho
The Wall Flower Chil… · 09:08 22 Feb 2017
Look at you kids with your vintage musicComin' through satellites while cruisin'You're part of the past, but now you're the futureSignals crossing can get confusingIt's enough just to make y… Read More
Bargain Pyjamas....
Northumberland Mam · 07:28 22 Feb 2017
We love our pyjamas here....I think I own more sets of PJ's than I do actual clothes....In the colder months as soon as my girls get in from school they change out of their uniforms and… Read More
Sad Love Quotes · 01:26 22 Feb 2017
There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey. Mistake is a single page of life but relation is a […] Read More
Belle's Bleues · 00:12 22 Feb 2017
I Love Lucy, and I’m not talking about that show featuring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Yes, the Ricardo’s made it feel good to watch late night television, but my Lucy makes it… Read More
Voucher Codes - Vouc… · 18:04 21 Feb 2017
Make a purchase over $60 at Teavana and enjoy a free Remi Glass Tea Mug as well as a stainless steel infuser. The post Free Mug appeared first on Voucher Codes Read More
Conleys Online Magaz… · 16:08 21 Feb 2017
Wie gestern versprochen kommt heute also der gesamte Look zur der Bluse. Ich trage eine Boyfriendjeans von PLEASE, dazu Lederstiefeletten von SIENNA und eine Umhängetasche. Aktuell bin… Read More
Scary Website | Scar… · 14:43 21 Feb 2017
The Crystal Ball is a scary riddle about a young man who meets a fortune teller one night and decides to test her to find out if her powers are real. This is one of the cryptic Japanese stor… Read More
3 Tips To Find Your Zen
Morning Beans Blog · 13:00 21 Feb 2017
  Growing up I was different. I wasn’t sure how but I knew it to be true. I spent the early years in a happy bubble of neighborhood kids, all the different cultures nonexistent as… Read More
Service Unavailable · 10:00 21 Feb 2017
Este abrigo es una de esas prendas que tienes fichadas desde el inicio de la temporada pero que nunca encuentras el momento de ponerte a buscar! Las ves en revistas, blogs de streetstyle y e… Read More · 08:00 21 Feb 2017
RT @harto: These exist. -> RT @NerdyAsians: 75 years ago, 110,000 Japanese Americans were interned out of baseless fear… Remember them so it never happens a… Read More
16 Vegan Pantry Staples
Something Swell · 06:00 21 Feb 2017
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful President’s Day weekend, we had a great time here in Austin. It was our first day to reach over 90 in 2017 and it was stunning. We spent… Read More
The Unique Geek | Th… · 01:44 21 Feb 2017
Season 2 rambles along with despite the technical difficulties. In episode 2 we are joined by Ron, Scott C. (Need [email protected]), Aaron ([email protected]), and Judge Leigh (@Lei… Read More
Lindsay Rene Lifesty… · 23:43 20 Feb 2017
  Everyday life is often a whirlwind of stress, love, hate, lies, truths and everything else life tends to throw our way. We are often faced with hurt, sadness, heartache and disap… Read More
Hidden Figures
Jeremyochsgonzales · 20:34 20 Feb 2017
The first weekend of February my husband and I went to see “Hidden Figures”. Much like “Hacksaw Ridge”, which I had seen three days before, I probably wouldn’t… Read More
Mindblogg | The Writ… · 17:55 20 Feb 2017
This afternoon a very dear friend of mine sent shock through my entire being. Completely innocent was her comment but it really got me thinking about the deeper effects of bereavement. She s… Read More