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Perpetual Lemonade: … · 08:05 29 Mar 2017
I just finished reading the book that has, arguably, changed my life more than any other. I see a lot of my younger in Hannah Baker. It hurt to read so much of my own pain in the words of a… Read More · 07:00 29 Mar 2017
RT @MsPackyetti: Media outlets Re: #BlackWomenAtWork: A black woman should write your thinkpiece. Pay her. That is the point. (You sh… -> RT @RepresentDotUs: The Congresswoman beh… Read More
My Zero Waste Shopping Kit
Something Swell · 06:00 29 Mar 2017
As many of you know, a few months ago A and I took a big leap and moved to Austin, Texas from Columbus, Ohio. We knew one person here, and had no real idea what we were getting ourselves in… Read More
Ask A Nudist | Nudis… · 01:11 29 Mar 2017
Anyone have any idea what the San Bernardino County Sherif Dept. policy is on enforcing county nudity ordinances on federal land? I am particularly interested in Mojave National Preserve Read More
Happiness On A Page · 18:11 28 Mar 2017
Let`s talk about the weather – a very popular subject here in the UK and anyone can chip in Latvia is a country of 4 seasons – it`s very warm in the summer, very cold in th… Read More
I Love Food
Afternoons With Appl… · 17:12 28 Mar 2017
I try to explain to Robert early on what food does to me. He doesn’t get it. I don’t really expect him to. He didn’t live the same life I did. While I was self soothin… Read More
Bayart · 17:03 28 Mar 2017
Life has a way of giving us moments of incredible happiness – moments of good fortune that gives life it’s meaning. Days we wish never ended – fantastic moments with loved… Read More
Lifestyle · 16:16 28 Mar 2017
For those of us around the world who celebrate Easter, the holiday is one of the most widely anticipated and celebrated. The popularity of Easter is sometimes on par with Halloween and Chris… Read More
Greek Potatoes Recipe
Lebanese Recipes · 15:06 28 Mar 2017
READY IN: 1hr 10mins Servings 5Ingredients 5 large russet potatoes, chopped in rather large chunks 1⁄3 cup lemon juice 1 head garlic, chopped fine 1 tablespoon oregano… Read More
Ayietim Blog · 14:44 28 Mar 2017
Greg, 22 has this idea which he thinks is brilliant but he seems to be alone here. He believes that the idea is going to be the next big thing in the business world, again he doesn’t h… Read More
Be Happy In 3,2,1…
Morning Beans Blog · 12:00 28 Mar 2017
Generally speaking, a person needs only three things to be truly happy in life: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. Nothing is closer to the truth, but we all go off… Read More
Jauhi Narkoba Si Perusak Masa Depan
Lajupu · 10:05 28 Mar 2017
Ridho Rhoma (Ilustrasi) Tertangkapnya Ridho Rhoma karena kasus narkoba adalah bukti bahwa narkoba bisa menjerat siapa saja. Narkoba tidak memandang kelompok dan status, anak kecil maupun de… Read More
Fred's Box - Review!
Northumberland Mam · 06:18 28 Mar 2017
Over the past month or so I have seen various bloggers reviewing a fab subscription box called Fred's Box. We have been sent one to review too! Ellie my 9 year old was very excited about thi… Read More
My White Groundnut Soup Recipe
N'graffi · 05:40 28 Mar 2017
Hey guys! How are you my foodies?This meal we are cooking today is special. We all know that groundnut soup is usually brownish, but this one is white because the groundnuts were peeled… Read More
Beauty And The Beast
Jeremyochsgonzales · 23:29 27 Mar 2017
Last weekend my husband and I went to see “Beauty and the Beast”. In February of 1992 I was bitter when the animated version of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”… Read More
29. Ideas
💖💖💖 · 20:47 27 Mar 2017
Helloooooo ✨ Okay so this is quite incredible but after a long time I’m postings on time, almost. I’m trying to focus more on my graduation which starts in 6 weeks. It&rsq… Read More
Heavy Arithmetic
Jack · 20:16 27 Mar 2017
it’s a heavy arithmetic that measures out the hours and subtracts the days of our reckoning time spent more in hope than knowledge of a final destination at journey’s end… Read More
Essencentral · 16:11 27 Mar 2017
“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” – Denis Diderot “What is your purpose?” Crickets. I find that many people tend to g… Read More
Sobervision · 14:07 27 Mar 2017
…from the Tory Party following Wednesday’s ” terrorist attack ” in London, as Amber Rudd suggests that we need to be spied on even more. For the common good, of cour… Read More