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Hobbies & Crafts Blogs Directory! · 16:13 25 Jul 2017
My Friend Chef Jason Dowd and I made a Porchetta Roast in the test kitchen one day after talking about it for a week. I watched as he rubbed the meat down with a blend of seasonings that inc… Read More
Yamatai Review
Board Games| New Str… · 12:00 25 Jul 2017
I’ll be honest, the first time I sat down with Yamatai’s rules I just wasn’t feeling it. Perhaps it’s that I certainly was feeling cold and tired, but there seemed so… Read More
Fizzy Limonade
Home - The Crafting … · 11:00 25 Jul 2017
Fizzy Limonade is a fun science experiment that you can do with your kids! They’ll love watching it fizz up as they make their very own carbonated limonade! If you’re asking Don… Read More
Al Azar
Gusta´s Zone · 16:37 24 Jul 2017
Cada día estaba más desesperado. Su vida cambiaba a pasos acelerados y lo que conoció hasta hace un año, ya no existía.La familia poco a poco estaba desint… Read More
※ Welcome To The Int… · 15:31 24 Jul 2017
Well, I now have 2 more projects in my stitching cabinet. One is the Rainbow Bridge pattern I was looking for (on sale...yay!) and the other is Independence Day by Laura Perin. http://… Read More
C Is For Cucumber
Our Plot At Green La… · 09:22 24 Jul 2017
The predominant memory of last week's harvest is of travelling home with the car filled with a scent that was a mixture of ripe strawberries and sweet peas.17 JulyThe Malwina strawberry plan… Read More
Zulu African Beer Making
The African Gourmet · 18:13 23 Jul 2017
Zulu tribes people have a long steeped tradition of beer making. For generations homemade beer or Ubhiya in the Zulu language has played an essential role in Zulu rituals and traditions.Zulu… Read More
Fun Paper Bead Crafts
How To Recycle · 13:31 23 Jul 2017
The possibilities with paper beads in crafts and making jewelry are endless. It is a great way to recycle used left over junk mail, newspapers, wallpapers or pages of colorful magazines. The… Read More
Changes... Coming Soon...
13 Woodhouse Road · 03:29 23 Jul 2017
I have been working like crazy for the past few days! This month has been super busy! But I am seeing my months ahead get busier! And good kind of busier!There will be a few changes here at… Read More
Paper Expressions · 02:18 23 Jul 2017
Hi everyone! It's great to see you today! A few changes are occurring here in the Studio- mainly class scheduled days-   I will post classes only on my Stampin Up Website at THIS l… Read More
Text Editing Tips
Eileen's Machine Emb… · 00:31 23 Jul 2017
Often, new users in Inspirations Perfect Embroidery Pro struggle with making simple changes in text files.  It’s really quite easy so follow along in your software to get a better… Read More
I'm Selling Locally!
Kim Mcdougal ~ Croch… · 23:38 22 Jul 2017
I remember for a long time how badly I wanted to create with my own hands. I'd spent many years creating on the computer through graphic and web design, but there's something extra special a… Read More
Cooking With Heide™/… · 21:01 22 Jul 2017
This is great on a hot summer day.1 - 2 c. pitted sweet cherries1 - 2 tsp. sugar or your favorite sweetener (optional) adjust amount needed 2 - 3 c. water4 - 6 c. club sodaRin… Read More
Bite – Veenendaal
Google Translate · 19:47 22 Jul 2017
Vandaag zijn we, ik, Michel, Britt en Tom, gaan uiteten bij een nieuw restaurant in Veenendaal: Bite. We hebben er een vijfgangen-menu gekozen. De eerste gang was geschroeide diamanthaas me… Read More
Summer Knitting...
Great Balls Of Wool · 13:51 22 Jul 2017
This is all I have to show for the last few weeks. A heatwave (welcome, but too hot for knitting), followed by a "meet-the-inlaws" family barbecue (a great day) followed bya Cliff… Read More
Thenetguruz · 10:25 22 Jul 2017
My laptop speakers were not very loud even on Max volume so here is a neat little tip to increase the volume beyond 100% while playing movies in Media Player Classic. VLC media player also… Read More
A Gift...
Cowgirlquilter...the… · 10:00 22 Jul 2017
The past few days have been a whirlwind.  LOL!  Canning and cleaning....and trying to do a little reading if I have any downtime which is very little.  LOL!  I did q… Read More
Dremel 4300 Review
One Project Closer -… · 02:10 21 Jul 2017
This article was originally published on our tool site, Toolbox One. Dremel has been a leader in the rotary tools market for many years, and for good reason. They invented the high-speed rot… Read More
Tattenhoe Dragons
Views From An Urban … · 16:20 20 Jul 2017
There are areas of Milton Keynes that I return to time, and time again, like Oakhill Wood, and just like that Tattenhoe Park is fast becoming one of those areas, it may not have muddy crapes… Read More
Americangirlfan · 12:15 20 Jul 2017
Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a short break to spend some fun time with my family. I'll be back next week and I'm super excited to share more with you when I return!… Read More
Blog · 19:15 19 Jul 2017
For the most part, artwork that is hanging in a museum often looks pretty simple: sleek metal or original wooden frames, matted or not, hanging on clean walls. But even though the presentati… Read More