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Ironic Reversals
Political Irony · 06:30 23 Feb 2017
I guess 1984 just happened 33 years late. Because, evidently, now 2 + 2 = 5. © Jen Sorensen Related posts:Sarah Palin is no longer ironic. What’s ironic is that liberals pay any… Read More
Milo Yiannopoulos
Dreams Into Lightnin… · 03:01 23 Feb 2017
Milo:  A young guy with an English accent, a Greek name, and a French handbag.  He looks like a gay version of Billy Idol.  For about 24 hours, he was going to be the keynote… Read More
A Voice For Moms© · 23:34 22 Feb 2017
"He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.” ~ Luke 20:25I was having a conversation today with someone about imm… Read More
Bdb · 16:46 22 Feb 2017
Depois de receber mentirosos, mentirosas e fuxlero o Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF), acaba de receber um imoral na instituição. O Senado aprovou a nomeação de Al… Read More
Three Empires
Northern Reflections · 13:32 22 Feb 2017
Donald Trump has a fevered brain. But, James Laxer writes, there is a method to his madness. Under the tutelage of Steve Bannon, he seeks to establish a new world order -- something quite di… Read More
Bigrunner · 09:04 22 Feb 2017
Bill JohnsonThe War of the Roses ended when Elizabeth of York was married to Henry Tudor of the Lancastrians, therefore uniting the two warring Plantagenet houses of York and Lancaster. … Read More
Postseason Basketball Musings
Slantblog · 16:44 21 Feb 2017
In games played through Feb. 20 eight of Virginia's 14 Division I basketball programs have winning records. If they all finish that way any of them could participate in postseason tournament… Read More
Asking The Question
Dispatches From Pais… · 13:00 20 Feb 2017
Last week on BBC Parliament, there were a series of one man shows by the Independent & Guardian columnist Steve Richardson. In these talks, on the six big Prime Ministers over the p… Read More
Hammer Of The Blogs · 23:44 19 Feb 2017
Seriously, is this what the next four or so years is really going to be like, an endless series of fucktarded anthropological excursions into Clownstickistan to suss the sage wisdom of angry… Read More
Accidental Deliberat… · 15:45 18 Feb 2017
Tammy Robert thoroughly documents how Brad Wall's billion-dollar deficit has nothing to do with either resource revenues (being Wall's primary excuse for blowing up the budget), or public se… Read More
Rusty Idols · 14:45 17 Feb 2017
Less than three weeks after a racist right wing extremist went on a violent rampage through a Quebec mosque killing six people just for being Muslim a group of other right wing extremists ga… Read More
Submit Blogs · 14:00 17 Feb 2017
Social media can be a great way to promote your MIT department, lab, center (DLC), or group and to engage with your audience. For those who are new to it, though, running multiple sites for… Read More