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Sucursal Del Cielo
Socialdemencia · 23:39 22 May 2017
Mi sucursal del cielo Y mi ciudad de la furia,  Sigue siendo el ejemplo  Que alguna vez dio. No sé que tendrá esa silla,  Si en verdad es tan cómod… Read More
Temer Mente
Bdb · 14:39 22 May 2017
(...) descaradamente.Flagrado pela PF - Polícia Federal - cometendo inúmeros crimes, o corrupto golpista Temer achou pouco e mentiu pela milionésima vez na entrevista da… Read More
Rubber Hose · 14:19 22 May 2017
Last month when the U.S. shot 59 Tomahawk missiles at an air base in Syria I saw a few articles about how each missile costs about $1 million. Since then, every time that North Korea shoots… Read More
Political Irony · 11:56 22 May 2017
This weekend was the final episode of Saturday Night Live of the current TV season, and the Weekend Update was pretty hilarious! Related posts:Debate, Live from Saturday Night! Late Night… Read More
@Amphoe Issue 2/2017
Changwat, Amphoe, Ta… · 11:00 22 May 2017
This years second edition of the @amphoe magazine has been made available as a PDF file (almost 50MB size), not sure whether it was this time uploaded before it gets available in the provinc… Read More
Freedom Eden · 09:00 22 May 2017
Here comes the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. We’re about to enter the 50th anniversary of the Summer Of Love. Re-visit the magic at… Read More
The Uncooperative Ra… · 23:41 21 May 2017
Friday Show 5-19-17History of FBICharles Bonaparte, who was appointed attorney general in March 1907, quickly became convinced that the practice of using Secret Service investigators was a p… Read More
Westminster Wisdom · 22:26 21 May 2017
I have tried to write a review of Lady Macbeth three times so far and failed each time. It is easy to write a synopsis of this film but I don't want to do that. The film is about one of the… Read More
Publius Forum - ...i… · 21:09 21 May 2017
-By Gary Krasner Weiner, once separated, is now cut off (no pun intended) by Huma. Huma dumps the pedophile Democrat and onetime favorite for mayor of “sin city” NYC. Now, as a r… Read More
Wind Rose Hotel · 22:56 20 May 2017
I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day about the topicality of Dante’s Divine Comedy. What we both agreed upon was that the first of the three canticles of the poem, Infern… Read More
The Ellen's
Hudson City Democrat… · 19:25 20 May 2017
Thursday, June 8 at 6 PM - 8 PMHudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House327 Warren St, HudsonReserve TicketsReserve Tickets NowPlease join us for the 2017 Ellen Awards, our annual fundr… Read More
The Losers Debate
Dispatches From Pais… · 09:00 19 May 2017
With the news that the Tories are still averaging in the high 40’s and Labour’s percentages are creeping up, the conclusion that you could make about ITV’s third outing of… Read More
Get Rich With Albert… · 02:34 19 May 2017
And we are back again to have fear in the body for this month of August with the help of air traffic controllers, who announce now that they will go on strike beginning August 15, but no con… Read More
[email protected] | Per… · 15:32 17 May 2017
Un questionario per i pendolari Perché abbiamo preparato il questionario? Il programma elettorale di [email protected] per Chiavari pone l’accento sulle necessità di chi quo… Read More
Human Voices · 12:44 16 May 2017
"I did it and I'm glad," a high school friend used to say as an act of high school bravado against the unsympathetic faculty attitude toward our antics.  We long since grew up and perha… Read More