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Indi(A)Gestão · 14:30 22 Feb 2017
SIM, temos carnaval aqui em Goa (Índia). É de uma pobreza que dá dó. Veja o vídeo de 2 minutinhos, pois ninguém aguenta mais que isso. Aproveite e v… Read More
#BLOTUS & The Law
The Face Of Hunger · 12:43 22 Feb 2017
The person now leading our nation has been in court over 3,000 times. Yet, he was still thought ethical enough and intelligent enough to lead our nation. That explains a lot, doesn’t… Read More
- Worldwide Hippies · 06:37 22 Feb 2017
By RACHEL CUSK / Posted at The New York Times As the social contract frays, what does it mean to be polite? In a world as unmannerly as this one, how is it best to speak? There&rsq… Read More
Troll Trump
El Mundo Segun Ka… · 19:51 21 Feb 2017
Donald Trump ya ha sido inmortalizado en forma de troll. Le pega, para qué nos vamos a engañar. El muñeco en cuestión es una creación de Chuck Williams, qu… Read More
Cuba;un'isola Nel So… · 19:12 21 Feb 2017
Un paio di settimane fa, subito dopo l'acquisto del mio boleto de avion, abbiamo, coi miei soci, iniziato a programmare, con un buon anticipo, i turni in palestra durante la mia assenza. Abb… Read More
What A Difference 1,000 Feet Make!
Go 11 · 13:12 21 Feb 2017
Saturday was a miserable, soggy morning day in Park City, with a mixture of rain and huge snow flakes and skiing was the least thinkable activity a sane person would engage into. Yet, my wif… Read More
Bigumbrella · 04:19 18 Feb 2017
What is Nakshatra Gandanta? Image Courtesy – The origin of the ‘Nakshatra’ based prediction is traced back to the Vedanta Period and is cal… Read More