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Step Talk | Where St… · 14:51 21 Feb 2017
So this weekend skids were misbehaving but, that is nothing new. So Friday night DH and I get into a huge fight and he tells me that everything is about me! read more Read More
Someone To Walk Beside Him
Love That Max · 14:35 21 Feb 2017
Max has a stroller a therapist once gave to him that's for kids with disabilities. He's too big for it, but still loves pushing it around, empty. I've struggled with this as it's not do… Read More
Roller Coaster Of Emotion
Never A Dull Moment · 12:18 21 Feb 2017
I found out yesterday afternoon that one of the best men I've ever known passed away.He was fourth grade teacher to John, and then to Jimmy, and then to Jimmy again, and then to Tony and the… Read More
Go Veggie With Yves -… · 05:29 21 Feb 2017
Pre-Kids I had a slight addiction to Yves Veggie Dogs.  I like them and veggie burgers more than their meatier counterparts.   My more carnivorous family, think I am crazy, but I w… Read More
One For The Aces
Cuzisaidso Weblog | … · 04:30 21 Feb 2017
I have a cold. It isn’t fun or pretty. I think, looking back, I tend to get ‘something’ around this time of year. One year it was hives all down my legs ( I looked like I… Read More
141 Plus Vids Youtube
Africasiaeuro Wordpr… · 18:21 20 Feb 2017 https://mekong-t… Read More
Blog - Urbanmummy · 16:37 20 Feb 2017
Is your little one ready to make the move from cot to toddler bed? Here we have five fun, funky and fabulous toddler beds – guaranteed to make that transition a super exciting pros… Read More
Things To Do With Da… · 00:00 20 Feb 2017
Dear Jeanne,  Just a note to say that I consider it reflective of your leadership when your staff was so diligent, patient, helpful, kind and supportive during my search toward purchasi… Read More
I Am Doing The Best … · 05:35 19 Feb 2017
My rabbit died Wednesday night.I held Jackson, first as I tried to warm him and syringe feed him, and later as he had seizures that left him gasping for air in between. His death was far mor… Read More
Woman Of God
Poetic Mommy · 16:52 18 Feb 2017
I stand for good valuesAnd yes, I do mean those!Values bent for convenienceAre no more values but vices;Read more » Read More
English Baby Boys Na… · 20:40 17 Feb 2017
Meaning and Origin of the Name Milo The name Milo is a form of the name Miles. Milo is typically used as a male name. Milo has been a very recommended author favourite. This name is often he… Read More
Free Movie!
Poppin' Cents · 15:20 16 Feb 2017
I love love freebies! If you haven’t watched Bunyan and Babe, head over to GooglePlay and watch it for FREE!  GooglePlay has been offering this movie for FREE since last month and… Read More
Duck Duck Moose Apps Review
[email protected] · 11:35 16 Feb 2017
Duck Duck Moose - Itsy Bitsy Spider, Math, Reading Little Miss had the opportunity to play and review three apps on video through Xander Apps. At this stage the apps are still free on iOS… Read More