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Cinnamon Apple Bread
Bakesinslippers - Ba… · 11:30 19 Feb 2017
Cinnamon and brown sugar baked alongside apples to make this delicious Cinnamon Apple Bread. This is the kind of loaf you take to a friend who just had a baby, a pal who is having a bad day… Read More
SALSA DI NOCI (Genovese)
Lacadrega · 10:12 19 Feb 2017
Ingredienti: – 2 etti di gherigli di noci – mollica di un panino – 2 cucchiai di parmigiano o grana grattato – 1 spicchio d’aglio – 1 bicchiere di latte… Read More
Garlic Mushrooms
Recipe Magic · 04:52 19 Feb 2017
Garlic Mushrooms TOTAL TIME-20 m   PREP TIME-5 m   CALORIES-750Garlic Mushrooms is an interesting side dish recipe that you can make at home for your loved ones in get-togethe… Read More
Tater Tot Hot Dish
Hot Dish Homemaker · 16:39 18 Feb 2017
This hearty casserole dish is cheesy, loaded with veggies, meat and the star of the show, Tater Tots! If you live in the Midwestern region of the United States, particularly in Minneso… Read More
Giant Rolls
Scandinavian Bread · 10:59 18 Feb 2017
Usually I sweeten malt breads with syrup. This time I was going to do the same, but then I saw an overripe banana on the kitchen table. Why not use it instead of syrup? I like to reduce wast… Read More
Swedish Meatballs
The Kitchen Noob · 02:09 18 Feb 2017
It's been a long, long time since I've had a Swedish meatball. I think my grandmother made some as a side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas some 25 years ago. Considering I was only a kid a… Read More
Roots And Sol · 16:04 17 Feb 2017
I’m a firm believer that health is so individual and that what works for one person might not work for another. If you’re one of those people who eats three square meals a day an… Read More
Foodsfunda · 03:21 17 Feb 2017
Roll is one of the famous street foods in India. There are so many varieties of roll that are different to each other. My today’s recipe is Baby Kima Roll, which is modified dish from… Read More
Chocolate Pasta: Two Ways
Apricots And Sage · 15:03 16 Feb 2017
Let's talk about ruts.Everyone gets in them every once in a while, whether it be cooking or writing or whatever it may be. It happens to everyone, and it stinks. I've been in a little one my… Read More
Keto Waffles
Ketogenic Lab · 13:17 16 Feb 2017
Ingredients 2 cups ground flaxseed 1 Tbs gluten-free baking powder 5 large eggs 1 cup water 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted (or olive oil) 1 Tbs fresh herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro, sa… Read More
Lemon And Lime Energy Tonic
Pickled Plum · 13:00 16 Feb 2017
This lemon and lime energy tonic is the perfect mid afternoon pick up for a post-lunch dip! Lemon & Lime Energy Tonic It happens every day around 3pm for me. I will be in the middle of&n… Read More
Recipes For First Co… · 09:03 16 Feb 2017
Today we travel to Asturias to taste this delicious fabada, that although it is not made with the typical fabes of the zone, with white beans the result is more than acceptable. Ingredi… Read More
Recetas Para Cocinil… · 09:03 16 Feb 2017
Hoy viajamos a Asturias para degustar esta riquísima fabada, que aunque no esté hecha con las típicas fabes de la zona, con judías blancas el resultado es m&aacut… Read More
Keto Beef And Coconut Soup
Fatforweightloss · 12:19 15 Feb 2017
Keto Beef And Coconut Soup This Beef and Coconut Soup can play an important role in weight loss as it contains much more water content than other meals, therefore filling your stomach enoug… Read More
Suranee's Recipe Blo… · 06:51 14 Feb 2017
Here’s a prawn curry recipe enough for two people and is made using just four ingredients! One of the ingredients is Thai green curry paste. A word of advice, do not attempt to ma… Read More
Hurmalı Kek
Nursen'in Hobileri · 05:00 13 Feb 2017
Şeker zehirdir,tüketmeyelim diye sürekli söyleniyor.Bende buna alternatif olarak bu keki yaptım. Şeker yok,tatlandırıcı yok ve hurma, bol ceviz… Read More
Resep Fuyunghai Enak
Aneka Resep Masakan … · 22:58 12 Feb 2017
Resep fuyunghai enak merupakan sebuah makanan yang asalnya dari negeri tirai bambu sana. Yakni dari negara Republik Rakyat China atau Tiongkok. Meskipun bukan asli nusantara tetap saja masak… Read More