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Pretextos-Elr · 18:56 29 Apr 2017
(Imagem: Pinterest)Atingida pelo tsunami de 2004, uma pequena cidade japonesa proporcionou naquela ocasião uma cena curiosa: um sobrevivente da catástrofe, de olhos fixos na li… Read More
Daily Thoughts 04/29/2017
Book Calendar · 17:06 29 Apr 2017
Charles Whitman, Helen Adams Keller, 1904Daily Thoughts 04/29/2017I checked the library Twitter and Facebook this morning.On the way to work, I read some more of Tinkers by Paul Harding.I ch… Read More
Mystery Scene Issue No. 149
Gravetapping · 14:00 29 Apr 2017
The latest issue of Mystery Scene Magazine—No. 149—is at a newsstand near you. As usual, it is packed. It features Ron Miller’s terrific article “Why Can’t the… Read More
Canción De Amor | Un… · 12:04 29 Apr 2017
Busquen la paz con todos, y la santidad, sin la cual nadie verá al Señor. Cuídense de que nadie deje de alcanzar la gracia de Dios; de que ninguna raíz… Read More
Funny In Five Hundre… · 22:19 28 Apr 2017
Playing golf one day, I hooked a tee shot into the woods. Hopeful to hit out and avoid a penalty stroke, I ventured into the mix of brush and trees. About twenty steps in I spied, sitting n… Read More
Dixie Poetry · 21:06 28 Apr 2017
There once was a man with danger in his eyes,Born to deception and broken by lies;He searched the whole world for a purpose to meet,He never looked back and he trusted his feet. The road was… Read More
A.edward Watkins · 19:25 28 Apr 2017
axiology’s structuralists pick their fingerz at a cornea transplant table inside Popeyes their aching domes each one swollen deep grammar swallow sweating profuse illusions limp dicks… Read More
Http://kestrilsrhyth… · 14:13 28 Apr 2017
I wish you believedI lived under the bed.Dust bunnies aren’t badconversationalists, onceyou get them talking.and there’s a better varietyof books and toys there.Of course it isn… Read More
Water-Neon · 11:55 28 Apr 2017
el sombrero zigzag, N. Folch"El deportista sufría del mal de muchos latinos extrapatriados en Europa por razones diversas, pero mayoritariamente la que dicta el horror a la pobreza. C… Read More
Every Time I Open My… · 08:00 28 Apr 2017
So here we are, a new look and a slightly new title as well. This isn’t necessarily the finished cover. It’s more in the way of a sketch. I was never completely happy with the p… Read More
Caitlin Cacciatore · 22:58 27 Apr 2017
Don’t we all wish To be younger men? To find our chains less beautiful, Lest we think them freeing, To find the bars of the cage we call home Just a little less familiar, Lest we thi… Read More
An Opener's Closing … · 18:19 27 Apr 2017
After the invention of the memory jar, a lot of people believed that it would give everyone the equivalent of a photographic memory. In a way it did, but not how they thought. The jar is sim… Read More
In The Woods
Aurora Batty's Books · 01:33 27 Apr 2017
In the Woods is a long 429 page crime drama, think creepy law and order, set in Dublin Ireland. Apparently it is being set to film or so I thought and I devided to give it a read. I persona… Read More
No Clear Plotline · 20:15 26 Apr 2017
Hi guys so I didn't have access to my computer for a month, but I'm back now and plan to keep posting, i haven't had much time to write since exams are super soon and all I've done is study… Read More
The CN Tower
Country Mouse Claire · 07:00 26 Apr 2017
Every city has its iconic monument, building or structure.The Eiffel Tower.The London Eye.The Empire State Building.In Toronto there are many beautiful buildings, but none are more… Read More
Noah E Hadassa · 19:30 23 Apr 2017
        Tempo, audacioso e volátil tempo. Ouça meu discurso, compreenda meu desafogo. Isto é a fagulha quieta e chorosa acerca de um futuro reinventa… Read More