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Wingd · 14:00 22 Feb 2017
I must apologize first to my readership. It has been a while since I have written. However, it is for good reason. I have been preparing to move from my original hometown area, where I ended… Read More
Poetry · 11:40 22 Feb 2017
Kinna sohna tenu Rab nay banayaaaKinna sohna tenu Rab nay banayaaaDil karay dekhda rawaanKinna sohna tenu Rab nay banayaaaDil murda nahin lakh samjhayaaaDil murda nahin lakh samjhayaaaDil ka… Read More
Natural Beauty
Ecomerge Project - R… · 18:11 21 Feb 2017
Eco-Friendly MakeupWho would have thought that lotions, serums, mascaras and lipsticks could harmful to the air around us? With makeup being so universal and popular among men and women, one… Read More
People Watching
Magda Oltean · 13:42 21 Feb 2017
One of Dan’s and my idea of spending time, especially on holidays is to watch people. When we sit somewhere on a bench or are at the beach and don’t feel like talking about anyth… Read More
A Miracle
Simply Great Lives -… · 12:00 20 Feb 2017
I experienced a miracle last week. I walked to the grocery store to get a few items. It was raining lightly so I was carrying an umbrella. After a while, the wind made the umbrella difficult… Read More
Iming-Iming Punya Rumah Di Jakarta.
Distraksi · 02:07 20 Feb 2017
Sebenarnya konsep kepemilikan rumah bagi masyarakat Jakarta yang diusulkan Anies merupakan program yang positif. Tapi usulan yang positif tersebut tidak mempunyai konsep teknis yang jelas se… Read More
Cena De Catedral
Flanar · 01:15 20 Feb 2017
A cena é de dois cirurgiões maduros - em cada lado - iniciando jornada. Enquanto se curvam silenciosamente ao destino, há no centro um mais jovem enveredando-se pel… Read More
Day 7/100
Infomalaya · 15:07 19 Feb 2017
Alhamdulillah, akhirnya hari ni saya sentuh juga kod CSS. Saya kecilkan sedikit saiz font untuk body, dan saya tukarkan text alignment kepada justify. Tapi saya lebih suka saiz font yang leb… Read More
Life In Russia – The… · 17:05 16 Feb 2017
Originally posted on Dispatches from the Asylum: “Truly there would be a reason to go mad were it not for music,” – P. I. Tchaikovsky It was from the Austrian-born composer… Read More